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  1. Carrick2097

    Why are HGSS held up as pinnacles of main series Pokemon games?

    As per per the title really, I have always noticed that HGSS have always been seen as aspirational touchstones for any Pokemon main series game and are generally viewed by many as the pinnacle of main series games. Even though they're not that old, legit copies are hard/expensive to come by. I...
  2. Carrick2097

    LF: Shiny Zorua FT: Various Shinies

    Does anyone have a shiny Zorua (stats dont matter) that they would be willing to trade for one of the below shinies please? Quite a specific request, but it's my favourite shiny and am having no luck finding one myself: Torkoal Orbeetle (Gmax) Shellder Magikarp (HA) (I know everyone has...
  3. Carrick2097

    LF Popplio

    LF Popplio, any nature or level etc. FT one of several various shines, or any Galar/Kanto starter. PM me to discuss
  4. Carrick2097

    In hindsight, what are your final thoughts & opinions on the Let’s Go games?

    Firstly apologies if a similar thread already exists, but all I could see were trade threads. The games have been out for a year now and many will have moved on to SwSh (and back to USUM) How do you feel about the Let’s Go games, in terms of what they’re actually like vs. What you thought...