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    Blaziken or Infernape

    Blaziken is the best when EV trained for Attak it is a killer.
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    I did too when I found out. I "infected" all my friends. I still have a Wynut with Pokerus in my PC just incase I fell like speading it again.
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    Favorite Islands

    The Seafoam Islands are so cool they have Articuno ;144; and later on Blane. The Whirl Islands are right after that with Lugia ;249;
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    Favorite Island City

    The Sevvi Islands are so peacefull. Its just fun to go there and relax.
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    Best games!

    Yes i did have a 64, I have all the pokemon games. I stilll have My Red, Yellow, and Blue. I have Silver and Crystal, Aslo i have R/S/E. Leafgreen, Trozie, Red rescue team, ranger, all the pinballs, trading card video game, Stadium 1 and 2, snap, hey you pikachu, channel, collseum, XD, and the...
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    Best games!

    Red Rescue Team!!!! Is Like the best and my favorite game off all despit what others say. Team Wildfire Forever! Come on you cane be a Pikchu! I had a impish so I was a Pikachu! SWEET! ;025; ;004; ;025; ;004; ;025; ;004; ;025; ;004;;025; ;004; ;025; ;004; ;025; ;004; ;025; ;004; ;025; ;004;;025...
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    Me too. My leafgreen nicknames are sweet. My Bubasaur, is Lilly(It was a girl) and also i got a traded on my team so i came with a nickname.
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    Favorite Baby Pokemon

    Elikid is sweet. I love to give them egg moves. He is just like a little beast.
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    Groundon & Kyogre vs Palkia & Dialga

    I got bored and desided to ost on my by far best poll i ever made.
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    LV's workshop....Request for almost anything! (plz use forms, & read the rules)

    Eevee rox sorry if this is spaming but my shy friend thimk you forgot about his banner, the one it took me thrre time just to get you to read it, i told him that she most likely has more impotent stuff to do or something like that. So he wants to know if you forgot it. Sorry again about this...
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    Coolest Looking Dragon Type

    Now this i a good thing for flygon. It's like if you look at it you feel cooler. Just look at it. The cool eyes the stripes the hair spikes(don't know what they are but thats what i call them) It like birn to be cool. I coud just see it at a rave. Dragaonair is i a good second, followed by...
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    Best muti-form Pokemon

    My vote goes to castform and differnt forms not split evolution you idiot. See its one thing that changes form but is still the same pokemon(Differnt form) Eevee changes into differnt pokemon and is not the prevous on(evolution)
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    Your favourite region

    Somebody allready made a poll like this and it had Fiorre on it too. But igo with Hoenn
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    shebang's new, improved, and better TC shop

    I don't want a Trainer Card. But i do want a card, a Rescue Team Card. Let it Say Reign and Daren A Pikachu and a Charmander All rescue Ranks from Normal to Diamond The Bonsly, Mime Jr. and Weavile statues Up the back round it hard... A rescue Base. I would like the Pikachu One Also these...
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    Gyarados or Milotic

    Who better. They both have crapy first forms and when those evolve look at them. Sweet. I like Milotic because of it's unique way of evolotion and Feebas canus TM's.
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    WORST Pokemon from each type

    I agree with this guy, except on electric, Voltorb, and normal, porygon.
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    I needs help!

    Is There A User Group For Rescue Team. And How Would I Change My Box Thingy Below My Name On Post To Something Else And Make My Own.
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    your bishie

    No I like Pachirisu shiny or no shiny. I'm just say that i have one. I adore dawn's Pachirisu. It relaxes me and makes me calm and quite. It just so CUTE. and i don't care what anyone else has to say about it.
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    Favorite Rescue Team

    In This Poll Post Facys about your Rescue Team and what is your favorite rescue team on the game/show. Game: Red Team Name: Wildfire Rank: Diamond Starter: Pikachu(Impish) Lv. 73 Patner: Charmander Lv.71 Special: Pokemon: Smeargle, Magnemite, Absol, and Gardevior Legends: Birds, Mewtwo, Mew...
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    Favorite Girl Pokemon

    Nidoqueen is cool.