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    I wake up this morning to find my account got banned. Giving me this message: You have been banned for the following reason: ftyguhijolk Date the ban will be lifted: Never I just created the account yesterday. Not only is that not a reason, but the ban will never be lifted? I didn't...
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    Pokemon D/P EV training

    Will it be easier to EV train in D/P because of the pokeradar and counter? Also with the new Physical attack special attack and other. Will stats be different? Keyblader;330;
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    Pokemon Movies

    I don't know if this is the right place, but does anyone know if youtube has Pokemon Lucario and the Mystery of Mew? Even if its it Japanese with subtitles I really want to watch it and please put the link if you have please. Keyblader;330;
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    DS Lite Headset

    You can talk while trading or battling in D/P using the Headset? Anyone going to get the headset for it? Keyblader152;330;
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    Effort Values

    I am not really good at doing EVs and Move sets can anyone give me an example to try out please? I have emerald and Leaf green.
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    Attack and Special Attack Question.

    I dont know if this goes here I have just joined this forum. I was wondering about attack and special attack and which attacks go with them. I thought dark was attack? I am kind of confused so if someone can please explain it to me including What EV to raise for dark attacks.