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  1. J

    Submerged Embassy

    Username: jackinthebox1210 Po/Ps name: jackinthebox1210/Whatever the hell i want :] Reason for joining: Irra and uhh Pokemon :] Referred by: Satan- he rules all Time zone: Gmt-5 Battle experience: I would say a perfect 10 but even perfection is below me so 11 Additional comments: you ain't...
  2. J

    Dragon's Den

    So uhh ya im leaving. Too many people like to start shiz with me for no real reason and dislike me for no real reason lol. Stupid stuff just seems to happen with me whenever i go on the xat and whatever and with xat being my primary way to talk to people being as how i started comp pokemon there...
  3. J

    Crusade's Order vs Dragon's Den

    Uhh I won 2-1 vs fruitdealer. Lost g1 to hax but haxd him back g2. G3 was a toss up but i pulled through for my men :]. GGs dealer and CO.
  4. J

    Serebii Conquest 2

    Confirming loss against Rising Star
  5. J

    The Serebii Team Tournament

    GG's to every1 we played team no names 2 strong tho :]
  6. J

    Serebii Conquest 2

    Serebii Username: jackinthebox1210 Timezone: GMT-5
  7. J

    The Serebii Team Tournament

    activity: have not been able to reach my opponent yet
  8. J

    Dragon's Den League

    Serebii username: jackinthebox1210 PO/PS username: jackinthebox1210 / DD jacinthebox / a few others not used much
  9. J

    Dragon's Den League

    Uhh hello i have a nice clean 24-4 record vs you. Also ive been champ in any league ive been in so get on my level pusc.
  10. J

    The Serebii Team Tournament

    posting activity: Me and my opponent havent really talked since the first day he said he had another match to do first but ill hit him up now and try to catch him on xat.
  11. J

    Dragon's Den

    Thank you guys btw for the nice welcoming :].
  12. J

    The Next Best Thing

    Aegislash @ leftovers trait: stance change evs: 252 spatk/ 240 hp/ 16 speed Modest nature -King's Shield -Metal Sound -Shadow Ball -Hidden Power Fighting This set is pretty self explanatory you just metal sound and hit em with some powa :]. Metal Sound can be used to catch things on...
  13. J

    Dragon's Den

    Serebii Forum Username: jackinthebox1210 Pokémon Showdown and/or Pokémon Online?: Both (jackinthebox1210) 3DS FC: Don't play wifi Competitive Experience: Started late 4th gen, played through most of 5th gen and 6th gen :]. Timezone: GMT-5 Referral?: Zamrock
  14. J

    The Serebii Team Tournament

    I beat usatoday 2-0. Were some fun good games :]
  15. J

    "Unloved" Pokemon

    Vulpix definately needs more love! It is just too darn cute!!!
  16. J

    Missed Mega Evolution Opportunities

    I honestly think yanmega should have gotten a mega I mean it has mega in it's name after all!
  17. J

    What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

    I tell them until they are good enough to beat me they have no room to talk! I have beaten the elite 4 a total of 5 times so I am good!
  18. J

    Pokemon That Surprised You

    A pkemon that suprised me was definately chesnaught! did not see that typing coming as a starter!
  19. J

    What Moves SHOULDN'T They Get?

    Landorus-i should not get calm mind!!! It is not a psychic type at all!!
  20. J

    Things that grind your gears!

    What grinds my gears is the intro of mega pokemon! They are so broken since things like raichu and electivire get killed in one shot by them!