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    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    Ash will use the reserves after a 6v6 battlevs Shota will tire his team out. That's hiw I see it.
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    Serena fan club

    New question: do you think Serena will travel to the next region with Ash? I hope so, but I think she will stay with Yashio for training
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    Should Ash win the Kalos League or lose in the final coming close to winning it ?

    At least now I am sure he beats Sawyer in the Kalos League, since he dreadfully lost in today's episode. Yeah, you can say that we can't know for sure, but you would agree that if Ash won today, then Sawyer's chance of beating Ash in the league would be a lot higher. But since Ash lost, now he...
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    June 9th: XY&Z030 - Find Carbink! Goodra and Dedenne!!

    Mutates due to effects of Team flare weapons? Nice idea, but doubt that'll ever happen. Cause Ash having a Diancie would be too awesome.
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    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    Still not sure if Serena will go to the next region with Ash. I really, REALLY want it, but won't she call that lady and ask her to teach her how to be a performer once league for Ash is over? Unless...it will turn out how I predict. Ash beats shota in the league finals, and there is a...
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    Serena fan club

    Yeah, I like that picture a lot, too. She looks so cute and funny here. Serena looks cute in every scene in my opinion :)
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    Serena fan club

    Wow, the latest episode was funny and cute in the beginning (talking about pika vs pika one) Ash and Serena's reactions - priceless
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    Preview of upcoming episodes, battles with Shota, Wulfric, Diantha, etc

    Is the spiky hair Pikachu in the end of the trailer and Sparky related?
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    Serena fan club

    I also really like the red coat she wears, and her shoes are much better than her sneakers(or what were they) were. Oh, and the Eevee evolution episode was so touching. Serena sure cares about each of her Pokemon.
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    Yeah, people don't really post there, it's a normal thing

    Yeah, people don't really post there, it's a normal thing
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    I am good, thanks:) sup?

    I am good, thanks:) sup?
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    Serena fan club

    Yeah, sure:) I agree with you. I also like how she grows both as a trainer and a character with each episode.
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    Will Ash Use Reserves for the Kalos League?

    That aerial battler got wrecked by a little pokemon it got advantage against (Riolu). I'd rather see a first real league Scraggy's battle(and an evolution maybe), Palpitoad or Boldore. And if we talk about Aerial battlers, Swellow and Gliscor are both awesome choices. Also, for a non-sceptile...
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    Serena fan club

    Hope to see it when you finish it:D I am sure their relationship will be sibling-sort of like and one thing I am unsure tho, is Serena being sassy. She never were sassy with anyone except her mom:)
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    Serena fan club

    Yeah, indeed she does:) Sure, welcome!
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    Regarding Ash and Mega Evolution

    Has it been confirmed that it is Shota's Mega Sceptile? If so, where, cause I missed that
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    Serena fan club

    Sure, welcome! Yeah, I agree. She's pretty, kind and caring. And adventurous + cool, so yeah, she is great
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    Hey:) how are ya?

    Hey:) how are ya?
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    If you were in an arranged marriage with the above avatar...

    I'll leave her to Ash.