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    New Thread, New Art, New Spirit!!!

    Hi all! It's me , Lucariofan-atic again! : D Well, i make another new thread because the old one was dead, so please, don't let my fan-art thread die again!!!! Here's the one which i haven't submit here.. ~Midnight hope ~ Floral Descendants - Tree of The Future ~ Frosty Gijinka Just for...
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    Some of my Artworks

    Okay, not need to worry, just say it, Luc. Don't need to afraid. Hi, all so i will show you some of my works. i'll update soon as long as i draw more. Click on this link: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Hope you like it! Critiques and comments are well appreciated here~
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    Somewhere in Sinnoh(PG-13)

    First fan-fics in sppf ^-^ Rate PG-13 because there are some battle scenes that may involve little blood. Chapter 1: Feelings of Insecurity Darn it… how I explain it to father..?! Looks like he’s really angry to my brother, Latios. He said that Latios have to return a payment to my mother. I...
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    If you think pokemon will be real, what will you do?

    How if you think pokemon will be real? Well, i will use them for answer my homework, or take me fly over many places that i never see, and many more!!^^