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    Lemme preface this by saying I'm not talking about the in game badges. I was digging around in my room and found a tiny little Rainbow Badge. It had a place where there was, I'm guessing, a spot for a pin to pin it on your clothes or something, but it's long since gone. Now, this isn't...
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    On Casual and Hardcore (An essay)

    Ok'd by RedStarWarrior. Keep it civil, but the debate can fly. It doesn't need much preface, but it does get soapboxy. You've been warned. On Casual and Hardcore -A Gamer’s Common Sense. An Essay by WRP (with assistance from Luke Groundwalker) Lately, a lot of noise has been made...
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    Preview- Long Journey

    Long Story Short: Yami Ryu basically made me realize my writing wasn't up to snuff most of the time, so, after taking a short break to find myself/god/get better at what I do. So, I think I did. Instead of hopping back at Three Ways, I opted to start a new, shorter work. This is what you see...
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    No, this isn't about that quirky little DS game, it's about the contacts in the game carts. I was bored, and looking at my DS games earlier, and while flipping Devil Survivor around, I noticed something that bothered me a little: The contacts. For those of you who don't know, the contacts...
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    Three Ways [PG-13]

    So, I've had in my signature for months an advertisement for my old thread and chapter 16. Summer came and went and I updated twice. Between September and December, I updated once in September. I let the thread die while I worked on other things. School over took me, drama overtook me, life...
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    Gender Roles in Writing

    Howdy folks. Well, ealier this morning I was involved in a lively debate on MyYearbook, and my friend (Who was shadow reading the thread) pointed somthing out. We react diffrently to diffrent genders in diffrent rolls. To test this, I went into my fic and twiddled around with a few sceans...
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    Spell Check not working

    Yes, my spellcheck has stopped working almost completely. As you can tell, maybe, my spelling is horrible, and I need it while writing. Well, when I run it, it says this. http://s76.photobucket.com/albums/j8/SpriteStore/?action=view&current=problems.jpg Everytime I run it after that, it just...
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    Putting the team together: Deciding your cast

    I don’t know WHY I thought of this, but I did. I was wondering how everyone put down their main characters and their personalities. This time, for Three Ways, I based them off the concepts of the Mind from Freudian Psychology. The Id ( Wants what it wants), the Ego (Organized and balances...
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    Three Ways (PG-13)

    Three Ways. A Wandering Rythmical Phoenix/ rEvolutionairy INC. Production This is my first fic in along time. Not a very long time, mind you, but long enough. It came to me one night, 'Hey, what if...', and went from there. I'm still finalizing the final parts of the plot, but no better...
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    The perfect place to start?

    All right, a new idea for a fanfic exploded into my head partway between downloading "Sonic Heroes" and hiding eggs from Zombie Jesus and blaming the bunnies. But I want to start it already deep into the story, the characters have already been at the training game for a while, have pretty...
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    Same Event, Multiple Views?

    I'm working on a story right now, should be up here by the end of the year, maybe. But the thing is, I have several chapters detailing the same series of events from the perspectives of two of the main characters. The event is a pretty basic chace scene to the point the two characters run...
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    Disk Read Error.

    My friend let me borrow his Metroid Prime game, but here's the deal It's insanely scratched. "Fine, no big deal" I think. I've seen scrached Cube disks work fine before. Put it in my Wii, "Game disk cannot be read" So I eject it and put it back in. I get the Nintendo logo, then "Disk cannot...
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    HOLD IT! "Colloseum Mode"!

    I would have posted this in the New Scan thread, but I felt it warented its own topic YES! I noticed it a few moments ago, on the New Corocoro scans for PBR... For those challanged in Japanese, it says "Coroshiamu Moodo" or "Coloseum Mode" Meaning :That is the layout for Battle Mode A...
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    Bully OKed by Florda Courts

    Source Game Spot Personaly, I can say I'm not surprised. I never thought the game would be canceld by Jacko. I do love the judges remark, mostly because it's true.
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    Both Night and Knights Fall [One Shot]

    I don't think its anything above what you would get from a Teen rated game. PG-13 I originally wrote this for English class, but I liked it a lot and felt like sharing it. There’s no back story that’s important, I feel I explained it all in the story, at least anything you need to know. It's...
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    4th Gen Sprites, Cleaned up and Shinyfied.

    Ok. I was bored lastnight, so I started cleaning up the 4th gen sprites currently avalable as Avatarts. I also did Shiney Versions. Elekible was cleaned up by Luke Groundwalker, As was the Fire starter, whom he also Shined, everything else was done by me except for the Rukario and Perappu...
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    Lost Magic (DS)

    Whos picked this up? I got it yesterday and its Stupid addictive. You play as a boy named Issac who has to save the world in Clasic RPG style. However, insted of swiging a sword, your attacks are limited to magic. You open a circle and draw the runes with your stylus. You can combine them to...
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    Best Used Game Stores?

    I searched, and found NOTHING *Mrz Bitters moment* I'm looking for Final Fantasy, most specificly VII, VIII and IX for alittle summer playing. Howerver, every game store I've visted (While be it afew) Eiter dont seem to carry Used/ have none (One store blamed Advent Children). So, WHere am...
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    Missing Routes?

    This has been bugging me for a while now. In the end of G/S/C theres about 60 routes, In Hoenn, you start at route 100 IIRC. So, what happened to those 40 routes that dissappered in the time between a generation?
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    Lunatone in Emerald?

    My friend says he's found 2 Lunatone in Emerald. They were in the rooms after you use Water Fall in Metor Falls, and it was after Nine o' clock. Can anyone verify this, or is it all just a pack of lies?