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    Have you ever thought of restarting one of your pokemon games?

    I have. I restarted some of my old games either because the game got corrupted, the team didn't work out so well, I didn't make the right choice in some parts, I got bored, etc. What about you?
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    With Great Power...

    I was just reading this Comic a few minutes ago and wondered, Why give 10 year old kids such power? The power to rule the world in the hands of every single kid! If kids could capture Arceus what more can adults do! If they were in the wrong hands there would be chaos everywhere! Discuss
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    just wanna ask "If you give a nincada a masterball and evolve it to a ninjask & shedinja,Do you get two masterballs?Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.
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    Do you guys/gals miss your childhood?Or if you're a kid (12 & below),Are you enjoying your life so far?I miss my childhood when i could play endless games instead of studying/working,Learn addition & subtraction than complicated math problems,to be free from the real world and happy in your own...
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    Online work

    And this is related to pokemon how exactly?
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    What are you afraid of the most and why?Im afraid of heights ever since i almost fell of a plane.What about you guys?If this is in the wrong section,move it.If there's a thread like this,delete this one
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    A Christmas gift

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread but I just had to share this to you guys in serebii.A while ago ago I was eating in a resturant called "Jolibee".The place was totally empty except that there was one poor family having a mini christmas party.The parents said "Maligayang pasko anak" which means...
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    "The Biggest Loser:Pokemon Version"

    :Welcome ladies and gentlemen to "The Biggest Loser:Pokemon version"!Are you low on money?Are you fat and still gaining weight?Then today is your lucky day!On this game you lose your weight and gain money!Its first come first serve in this because only 16 contestants will be entered!These 18...
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    What do you think will happen when you die?Do you really think that we go to heaven or hell?Or maybe be re-incarnated again?Or we will lose our sence of thought,touch,hear,smell,taste,see,feelings all at the same time while we rot in a graveyard.I'm Catholic so I believe that I'm going to heaven...
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    What do you look for in your future partner?

    I'm just curious,What look for in your future partner/bride/groom/lover/whatever?
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    The game basically goes like this:Someone picks three random pokemon.These three pokemon will be stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere.Pick one these pokemon to save from the island,another one to be abandoned,and one to be attacked by wild,rabid,savage pokemon.Feel free to tell why did...
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    look,another noob...better greet him...

    I heard this is the TOP viewed and used pokemon website in the whole net so I wanted to check it out...damn,I can't think of anything to say...anyway hi