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    Creepiest and scariest things in video games

    title mine? the crawler from fable 3 the thing was so effing creepy, how he would appear out of no where, possess walter, form an army of dark devil creatures, while using a scary voice, that thing was the only video game creature to ever make me wet my pants
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    anyway, if mods dont think this is allowed, then delete it anyway, post riddles and stuff, i'll start "Moments in a year divided by sweet sweet pie, answer quickly, it's do or die."
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    Crysis 2

    this is the crysis, prepare for disaster anyway, over 50 90% reviews was it?
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    Gurren Lagann

    Didn't see a thread for it so DISCUSS the award winning mecha anime that leaves gundam in the dust (imo)
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    Marvel or D.C.?

    The comic series, post which one you think is better and why. I think Marvel because all the heroes there are better imo
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    Can't Touch This (E4 Rematch team)

    Stop, Hammer time! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Anyway, I had beaten the E4 and N a week, ago, and am now preparing for my rematch with them and my battle with Alder, so heres my team Kakashi (Samurott) (Naive, I believe?) @nothing currently Torrent 252 Atk, 252 SpAtk, 4 Spe ~Ice beam ~Surf...
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    Zoroark & Gengar (Future Uber tier?)

    So, anyway, with Zoroark's illusion ability able to play mind games on the opponent, we're able to use gengar as our last pokemon so as to trick people into using psychic type moves, to find no effect, at this time zoroark would've already set up, and considering it can outspeed most of the 5th...
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    not the movie discuss
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    Dex Entry Trading thread

    Mods, if you don't think this thread should be here then please, by all means, delete it. This thread is for people who don't want the actual pokemon, just the dex entry. It's simple, for example, Trader A needs an entry of Tornadus in their pokedex, but Trader A only has one DS and just...
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    Lucario0708's Trading Shop

    Hello everyone! I just thought I would start a trading shop for people to get some pokemon that they need, so anywayz Notes: 1. There are certain times i can be on wifi in a week, so be sure to check in with me on that 2. If I do not respond to your post the next time I post, then feel...
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    Anime series you would like to have come back

    title says it all which ended anime series do you want to come back with new episodes?
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    Cowboy Bebop

    I noticed the last thread is a few months old so, DISCUSS btw, I personally thought the movie was frickin AWESOME
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    Ghosts (PG-PG13)

    Hello my fellow writers! I have decided to write a new pokemon fic up now to have something to do. Anyway, I do have school so don't expect chapters to come very often. Ignore the PG-PG13, as this is PG13, so please be warned of that as there is moderate language, violence, and crude and unusual...
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    Mega Man

    you heard me, this is to discuss all things megaman, from the classics with the bad box art to megaman x to megaman zero to batlle network and starforce to zx and BEYOND as well as the remakes up to megaman 10
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    The UBER Legacy

    Guess what, my final team in 4th gen igrmt, taking idea from eon cuz it seems so frickin good, btw, this is a team of all my favorite ubers so if you don't like it, GTFO Chaotic Tyrant (Darkrai) (Timid) @Life orb ~Dark pulse ~Dark void ~Nasty Plot ~Spacial Rend Leader, he uses dark void to...
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    Megaman Starforce 3 Black Ace & Red Joker

    TOPIC discuss
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    Mind. Blown. (Inception)

    Ya i know its been awhile since it came out on dvd but still, what did you think of this amazing movie? personally i thought it was something that really makes you think
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    Naruto Shippuden

    Prolly spelled the name wrong but, anyway, i searched and didnt find a thread for it so if there is one please delete this but anyway TOPIC
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    Back in Black (er, White)

    Anyway, I decided to create a pre-team for when white comes out, based on the pokemon depicted in my sig, so, here we go! Haxorus (Jolly) Mold Breaker ~Dragon Dance ~Dragon Claw ~Earthquake ~Rock Slide Haxorus, (AKA Ononokusu) is a decent dragon type, he has a powerful ability, mold breaker...
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    Silver is Shiny (SS team rate)

    For those of you who know me, I'm back and i got SS on its release day and i am getting ready to murder the E4 this is my current team, and imo, right now i dont care about natures, im lazy and i wont soft reset for natures. You got that? EVs are a work in progress Typhlosion...