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    Degressi Drama Island [Sign Ups]

    plot 32 contestants from degressi high fight off for chance win 1 million dollars rules 4 chareture per person If you loose pm me your vote 16 males 16 females I be useing Dallas Drew Dave an Connor
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    Can anyone make me signature please I want it have mega lucario on left and mega blazeiken on right the color I want it be is blue/rorange and abit of red I want the text to say Kendel Master Of fighting Types
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    Carlos Quest

    This a story about a boy name carlos traveling in sinnoh with his 3 friends jared dylan and charm i hope you enjoy it chapter 1 a start of a new journey Carlos woke up full of excitement because he was going to get his starter Pokemon and begin his journey as a Pokemon trainer. He...
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    Ash New Pokemon

    acourding to serbi net it was shown in the new opening that ash well have 4 new pokemon unfrezent pignite levany an krokork the 1 with the sun classed so how you think they evolved an wish 1 you wanna se evolved first any why all i know is we have another pokeringer contest for sure...
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    Poke leader

    every wanted to be a gym leader or e4 member now your chance pokeleader well be giveing out prizes to people who beat the gym leader so how my site here the link http://pokeleader.webs.com/apps/auth/signup
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    save the pokemon

    on the news all of johto wild pokemon are shadow pokemon an soon every pokemon in the world well be shadow can we free them all an can we save ho-oh and lugia to join just fill out this fourm an tell us which side your on Name:carloss Age:15 Partner Pokemon:empoleon Appearance/Yourself: Which...
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    things your brother or sister or parents do to anoy you

    what are some things your brother or sister or your mom or dad do to you that either got you really really mad or just got on your nervous
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    Smart Guy Discusion

    i love watching this show this show quite funny at times what your favorite smart guy episode and why
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    I dont get my friend jared

    ok at luch at school last year everybody at my table talking about how much they hate pokemon right and then this one kid said raise your hand if you hate pokemon right and everyone hand was up except for me and then he told me he hates pokemon but then i decided to write a story right then i...
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    Brock And Professors Ivy

    what do you think happen to brock when he stay with professors ivy every time he here's her name he ask all funny why do you think brock is acting this way
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    female Professors

    why are all the Professors that give out starter pokemon all ways boys how come they never add a female Professors not counting Professors ivy
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    Kenan and Kel Discusion

    i rember they use to show the show on the n channel now it dosent come on anymore what's your favorite episode of Kenan and Kel and why
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    Operation Repo Discusion

    i love this show i cant wait to see the next new episode
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    how to be popular

    school starts tuseday and i want to know how to be popular
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    Static Shock Discusion

    i love this this show had alot of drama in it also can anyone please tell me how riche got his superpowers and what episode he first became gear
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    lucario and darkrai wanted

    i love this this show had alot of drama in it also can anyone please tell me how riche got his superpowers and what episode he first became gear
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    Tlyer Perry House Of Payne Discusion

    this show was awsome i wonder what happen on the last episode of the show
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    Everybody Hate's Chris discusion

    talk about anything that has to do with the show i wonmder when there going to make a new episode of that show
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    favorite ice cream

    what's your favorite ice cream and why mine is carmel because it's so deliscous
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    malacom in the middle discusion

    I like that show i wonder why they didn't make another season of that show also talk about anything that has to do with the show