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  1. Power Up

    Do you consider the Alola league to be a “ real league? “

    In terms of things like prestige, requirements to participate, and other variables in play here, personally I don’t consider the Alola “ League” to be a legitimate league up to par of the leagues before it. And yes I know, it’s the first “ league” and Kukui wanted as many as people to...
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    " Manga We Want To See Animated " Poll: Pokemon Special May Get Animated

    So there's a poll going on and people can pick what manga they want animated and Adventures is on it. There's a chance it'll get animated if enough people vote for it. It's run by Anime Japan. Voting starts Feb 1st and lasts till Feb 11th Thought I'd let any manga fans know, @shoz999 Link to...
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    Anyone else think that the Ash vs Alain Kalos League Final was the best animated 6v6 battle?

    So honestly, I was watching the Kalos League final battle between Ash and Alain and I legitimately think that its the best animated 5v5 battle ever. The biggest reason why I think it's been overlooked is that Ash lost, but it was an amazing final all in all IMO. The Sky Battle between...
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    Ash-Greninja vs Origins Red's MCX

    R1: Normal Greninja v Normal Charizard R2: Ash-Greninja vs MCX Who wins?
  5. Power Up

    Cynthia's Garchomp vs Ash-Greninja

    R1: Base-Greninja v Cynthia's Garchomp R2: Water Veil/Unmastered Greninja vs Cynthia's Garchomp R3: Ash-Greninja/Mastered Form vs Cynthia's Garchomp who wins?
  6. Power Up

    Demographics of the Pokémon anime

    So of course the anime is watched more by kids no matter how serious it gets currently. But I was wondering, say in percentages, what do you guys think the demographics of the Pokémon anime is? I did find a couple articles saying that college students in Japan were watching Pokémon XYZ, and the...
  7. Power Up

    How much does the overseas market contribute to Pokémon merchandise sales?

    Specifically the Western audiences. I'm asking this because it's going to tie in with a thread I am going to make.
  8. Power Up

    Having more filler does more than just screw with plot and pacing

    It also makes the show extremely boring. I’m having to slog through episode after episode of nothing when I do actually watch SM. XY’s fillers were boring as hell as well, but the important eps and arcs more than made up for it. SM arcs in general are a total buzzkill and SM just doesn’t have...
  9. Power Up

    Seasonal Pokemon Anime?

    Ok, look, hear me out here. This probably isn't happening any time soon, but I personally think it could really benefit the anime. Here are what I see could be advantages to doing so. 1. More use of budget(better animation and art) 2. Tighter storylines and less filler 3. Better Arcs 4...
  10. Power Up

    Sawyer vs Paul(Battle of the tacticians)

    Who wins?
  11. Power Up

    Who would be the new protag(or protags) in a hypothetical spin off/sequel if Ash ever retires?

    I'm thinking either his kid(s) or some kid who got inspired by him.
  12. Power Up

    What do you think each each Gen of the anime will be remembered as?

    Question in title OS- AG- DP- BW- XY- SM- Generalizing each gen around what you have seen from talk of it would be cool. Feel free to post your own opinions as to what each gen will be remembered as.
  13. Power Up

    How do you expect the writers to go about writing the 8th gen?

    Gym or no gym? League or no league? Thoughts?
  14. Power Up

    What Is Your Current Favorite Moment In All Of The Pokemon Anime? * Spoiler Warning *

    Question in title. I would have to say Serena kissing Ash is my favorite moment as of today Reasons: 1. Priceless reactions from the entirety of the gang 2. Ash's reaction 3. The fact that they risked that much as well And the list of reasons goes on. What is your favorite moment...
  15. Power Up

    What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

    I'm pretty positive that everyone is in 2018 now, what are all y'all resolutions?
  16. Power Up

    What Pen Do You Use?

    I use Pentel Energel Retractable Roller Ball BL407-A , 0.7 mm
  17. Power Up

    What would be the best moveset for each member of GPICSS?

    Take in account of how moves are portrayed in the anime and if the moves would fit the Poke For AG, I would say Power Up Punch, Night Slash, Water Shuriken, and Ice beam. This would be an OP moveset for AG IMO. For Pikachu, I would say remove Electro ball for Volt Tackle and that's fine...
  18. Power Up

    Series with most continuity?

    Can't decide between SM and BW
  19. Power Up

    Which of the Pokegirls had the best relationship with Pikachu?

    Question in title This is all a matter of opinion, personally, I feel like Pikachu liked Dawn and Serena the most.