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    Digimon V+

    Well, This is a story I've been working on, on and off for a long time, a little over five years if my math is correct. But anyway its my own take on a Digimon Adventure esque fic. As for the title, I'm not too sure if it's going to stay since V+ has to do with something much, much later in the...
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    The Hidden ones Redux Discussion Thread

    Approved By RaZoR LeAf - - - - - - - - - Welcome to The Hidden Ones Discussion Thread! Owners: Killer Squirtle & Tokyo Oranges ;D Officers: Suicune Lover Pokemon Special Before we jump in a couple Rules... Got a Question, Don't be affraid to ask ;D Post all absences here, just so we don't...
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    Tokyo's 5th Gen Pokemon Online Team

    Competitive battling is not my strong point, I don't have too much experience with it. I've made this team for the sake of trying to get better at competitive battling. I appreciate any and all advice I could get. I'm not exactly sure on Tier, The only one whose tier I know is Togekiss's Which...
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    Tokyo's Sprites ^^ Lookin for some tips and stuff

    Well, I've been spriting for, ummmm, I think two months, Anyway I would like to get some Advice on how to improve my spriting. Some of them I made in paint and didn't feel like making them transparent. Recolors Splices Revamps & Devamps...
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    Untitled (Until I can think of a decent title for it, Rated Pg-13)

    Prolouge -------- 'Are you sure she's the one?' 'Yes, quite sure' 'But what if she fails, what if the power overwhelms her? What will happen?' 'then the world will beicme a sad place, slowly dying and decaying until at last, no life remains...' Chapter One ------------...
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    Rate My Grass Type Deck Please (Unlimited)

    I know This probably needs a bit of work and I appreciate any help I can get for it well, here goes (EM)Sceptile X2 (EM) Grovyle X2 (EM)Treeko X2 (e-EXP) Oddish X2 (UsF) Gloom X1 (e-EXP) Gloom X1 (JUN) Vileplume X2 (BSE 2)Weedle X2 (BSE1) Kakuna X2 (BSE2) Beedrill X1 (NDISC)...
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    My Pearl Team

    Empoleon (Sassy) -Surf -Flash Cannon -Ice Beam -Drill Peck Rapidash (Relaxed) -Flamethrower -Poison Jab -Megahorn -Bounce Cherrim (Naughty) @Heat Rock -Solarbeam -Energy Ball -Petal Dance -Sunny Day Starraptor (Modest) -Aerial Ace -Fly -Close Combat -Brave Bird...
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    This is what happens wnen you leave me alone with a gene splicer and strange hair dye

    Mostly these are recolors and a couple of my better splices (Though both are a work in progress) What do you think about them and what do you think i could do to improve? Constructive Criticisim is appreciated and PLEASE do not say something along the lines of : Lyk omg this is the bestast evar...