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Search results

  1. Britt

    ISO: Trainer Club Newsletter 2018 Heatran Code

    Hello all! :) I am in desperate search for a 2018 Heatran code from the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter that was recently sent out. Please see my trade shop (or my master spreadsheet) in my signature for everything that I have to offer in exchange. I have quite a large and extensive trade shop...
  2. Britt

    Britt's Shiny and Event Shop | {UltraSun & UltraMoon Edition!} + Prev. Gens

    WELCOME TO BRITT'S SHINY, EVENT, AND LEGENDARY SHOP! Graphics/banners by yours truly! Interested in some for yourself? Send me a PM! Tag Description Meanings [Untouched] = The Pokémon hasn't been trained/has no Exp. gain whatsoever since initial capture. [Barely Touched] = The Pokémon has...
  3. Britt

    Britt's Shiny and Event Shop

    Hey guys! I have a few event Pokémon, as well as some shinies that I'm finally getting around to putting up for trade. As always, Serebii's forum rules apply. WELCOME TO BRITT'S SHINY AND EVENT SHOP! MAJOR UPDATE! THE SHOP HAS MOVED! I will no longer be updating or maintaining this thread...