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  1. ThisIsPatrick

    Returning Member

    So after a bit of a hiatus and a renewed interest in Pokemon I have returned to the forums! Unsure if anyone I previously talked to is still here but I'm keen to meet new people. And before anyone asks No this isn't the Krusty Krab
  2. ThisIsPatrick

    Your Favorite Line in a videogame

    Hi everybody! This thread is designed so you can list your fav line from a videogame and see what others put down as theirs. Also a word of advice please list the game it's from aswell. And Please no bashing on what people's favorites are since that's not nice and will not be tolerated.
  3. ThisIsPatrick

    How much has the Pokemon Anime developed since episode 1?

    Pretty self explanetory, how far do you think the Pokemon Anime developed? Post the major or minor changes that you thought affected the Pokemon Anime for the good or bad. For me I think the Pokemon Anime has lost some "orginality" when the B/W series began because it has similar scenarios...
  4. ThisIsPatrick

    Need for Speed Thread

    Need For Speed Welcome to the Need For Speed thread! For those who don't know Need For Speed is a series of car racing games where you can buy and customise cars, you can also add decals and vinyls to your car to make it more unique and personal. Need For Speeds released games are: Need...
  5. ThisIsPatrick

    4th Gen Safari Zone help and General Disscussion thread

    As it says in the title this is a 4th gen Safari Zone help and disscussion thread! You can talk anything that has to do with the Safari Zone in the 4th gen and you can even ask questions about how to do something that you haven't been able to do. I'll soon post a HG/SS Safari Zone guide once I...
  6. ThisIsPatrick

    Have you ever had them moments where it's like the game knows what your thinking?

    Sorry for the LONG title but I couldnt think of a way to shorten it :p Anyways on with the topic, have had those moments where the game knows what your thinking? For example your in the safari zone and you want to catch a Torkoal but the game is giving you everthing but. Discuss it here.
  7. ThisIsPatrick

    Grand Theft Auto Discussion

    Hello Serebii Net members this thread is for those like me who like the GTA series, whether it be the very first game or the lastest game V its welcome.
  8. ThisIsPatrick

    Red Dead Redemption Discussion

    Talk about Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redmption Undead Nightmare!
  9. ThisIsPatrick

    WWE 12 Discussion

    WWE Video games Discussion Very simple just talk about any of the wwe games from SvR to WWE 12 :p sorry if this has already been created. Please no offensive talk about other peoples favourite superstar ect... Thanks NightShadow and SGG for the heads up :p
  10. ThisIsPatrick

    Ideas for a Trick Room team

    This is my Double Train For the Battle Subway. Feel Free to Change Anything =) Thanks to Trainer Red:) Crustle Nature- Brave Item- Earth Plate Earthquake X Scissor Stone Edge Rock Slide Golurk Nature- Lonely Item- Ghost Plate Shadow Claw Curse Mega Punch Eelektross Nature-...
  11. ThisIsPatrick


    Hi im new to the commpetive FORUM BUT NOT COMPETIVE BATTLING. And i was thinking of having flygon in there to counter hazzards with its large movepool so what do you think
  12. ThisIsPatrick

    lost team members

    Everbody has pokemon they've lost traded or deleted for me it was my prized old lg load my team was venesaur, lapras, primeape, dugtrio, pidgeot and my butterfree
  13. ThisIsPatrick

    bulbasaur, squirtle or charmander?

    Hi im getting a new leaf green and im having trouble deciding on the starter.