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  1. Meowth City

    Your Shipping List (Updated: September 23rd, 2020)

    ♥~♥~♥ Your Shipping List Thread 2.0 ♥~♥~♥ Old thread Welcome to the brand new Shipping List thread! This thread is not only a place to list and explain the shippings you support, but a place for shippers to keep track of their shippings. If you end up becoming disinterested in one, you can...
  2. Meowth City

    READ!! The New Shipping Fic Rules

    .:Shipping Fic Rules:. copied from the Fan Fiction Rules, written by Psychic Follow the General Forum Rules and Shipping Community Rules! You should already know these, but in case you don't, you can find them here and here. Welcome to the Shipping Fics sub forum! This is the place where you...
  3. Meowth City

    Shipping Oscars 2014 - Results Posted!

    Shipping Oscars Celebrating the Best of 2014 It's that time of year again! Time to take a look back at the previous year's offerings in this section to reflect and celebrate—the Shipping Oscars! Special thanks to the past hosts: Skiyomi, Encyclopika, Water Spirit, shadow_shipper and...
  4. Meowth City

    READ!! The Shippers Community Rules With FAQs - (Updated: July 31st, 2017)

    .:Shippers Community Rules:. Welcome to the Shippers Community! This is the place where you can discuss Pokémon shippings, as well as shippings from other anime, manga, video games, books, TV shows and movies. As with all other sections of the forum, we have a few rules that you should keep in...
  5. Meowth City

    The Official SPPf Member x Member Shipping List

    ♥~♥~♥ The Official SPPf Member x Member Shipping List ♥~♥~♥ All claims from the previous thread are now null and void. ♥ Welcome to the brand new Official SPPf Member x Member Shipping List! In this thread, we keep track of all the shippings between members of SPPf! Whether it be canon...
  6. Meowth City

    The Official Couple/Poly/Crossover Claiming Thread

    ♥~♥~♥ The Official Couple/Poly/Crossover Claiming Thread ♥~♥~♥ All claims from the previous thread are now null and void. ♥ Welcome to the brand new Couple/Crossover/Poly Claiming thread! V3.0 was closed as the previous owner has not be active since 2013. In this thread, you can claim any...
  7. Meowth City

    Can't Speak French (Multishipping, R)

    Rating: R (for occasional strong language, mild sexual references) Fandom: Pokemon Pairings: Multishipping Genre: AU/Romance/Comedy/Drama Status: On-going Author's Notes: This collection aims to take the games of Pokemon X and Y and turn them upside down and then sideways. Bare in mind, I...
  8. Meowth City

    Sparks and False Starts (EncourageShipping, PG)

    Rating: PG-13 Fandom: Pokemon Pairing: Lyra/Elesa (EncourageShipping); With hints of Skyla/Elesa (Airplane Shipping), Silver/Lyra (SoulSilver Shipping), Skyla/Elesa/Lyra (CloudedShipping) and Silver/Skyla (RedBaronShipping) Author's Notes: Dared by PPL. Loosely based on the song, Pop...
  9. Meowth City

    I *Heart* Graphics

    Welcome to I Heart Graphics This is an art shop where you can request from your host, meowth_city. You might know me as the former sprite artist of PPL's shop - the Colorful Clouded Creative Centre (now known as Colorful Creative Dreams), but I have no intention of doing sprite work anymore...
  10. Meowth City

    The Ace Attorney Club

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: PLEASE EVERYONE, SIGN THIS PETITION TO LOCALIZE AAI2. CLICK ON THIS TO GO TO THE SITE. I HAVE SIGNED IT, SO HOPEFULLY MORE PEOPLE WILL TOO. THANK YOU! Welcome to the first ever SPPf club for Ace Attorney, where you can talk about the games, characters and anything else...
  11. Meowth City

    Parents in the world of Pokemon

    In every Pokemon game, the main character starts their journey from stratch - getting our first Pokemon from the regional professor and going out into the world as early as ten years old. And I was wondering after viewing different areas of the forums, what are the roles of parents in the game...
  12. Meowth City

    Gym Leaders, Elites and Champions!!!

    Gym Leaders, Elites and Champions!!! (Now includes Frontier Brains) I have played through Black and White a few times and I really started to notice similarites between a lot of the main important trainers of the Pokemon game series. There's some stuff I noticed: 1. There are three Rock-type...
  13. Meowth City

    Trainer/Rival Name Traditions

    I have been wondering this for a while, so I thought I would create this thread to see what people think. I want to know if there is a pattern when it comes to naming your trainers and rivals in Pokemon games. Do you... Use your real name Use the official name (i.e. Red, Gold, Ethan...