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    ~Buurn, You just got spiked!~ {OU}

    hello! this is my new and revised team of toxic devistation. i have reformated my team to cover some of their major weaknesses, so please make suggestions. Thank you~ okie-dokie i shall show you my team: Roserade@ focus Sash Nature: timid Ability: natural cure Evs: 4 hp/252 sp.attk/...
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    ~The Art of ToXic DeVasTion~ {OU}

    Ello!!! P_Blitz here. As you can tell this is my first wifi team, and i have ALOT to learn, haha. So, im hoping to learn from your constructive criticism, suggestions, etc. Okie-dokie, i wanted to create a team that incorporated spikes, poison spikes, knock off, taunt, and stealth rock= pretty...
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    Hiya! im Purple_BlitzXD

    Ello! im Purple_blitzXD, or you can just call me P_Blitz haha, i know my username is sorta long. Im from California and im a Humongo fan of pokemon since i was 6(15 now). i just wanted to say hi, so hope to get to know you guys soon! peace out~