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  1. iCakeify

    The Shop is a Lie

    Sup. Yet another shop with a lazy owner, bound to be ignored until end of time. Oh well, that can't be avoided. Let's just have fun as it lasts. Also, no spamming, requesting things that isn't on the list and being a dumbf*ck will ban you. Forever. None of that bleedy "ban for 7 days" system...
  2. iCakeify

    Yo dawg. I herd you liek cake.

    Sup. I've been a member for quite some time here, but I forgot about this place and thought I had made one of theese threads already. I searched through the threads I've made in total, and saw that I hadn't. So I'm making one now. So: Hello.
  3. iCakeify

    Nickname the user above!

    Just as the title says, nickname the user that posted before you. Nothing offensive.
  4. iCakeify

    Sandshrew drawing.

    http://yellowwolfclanner.deviantart.com/#/d4eum1j (link because I'm too lazy to upload to *******) I suddenly realised that colors are underrated.