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  1. Psynergy

    Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Rescue Thread

    KO'ed in a dungeon and need help? Post here with QR codes and passwords if you're looking to be rescued in a dungeon. If you've rescued someone, just remember to quote their post and post the QR code or password once you've rescued them. To avoid cluttering up this thread, don't post your...
  2. Psynergy

    Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Dungeons Discussion

    Discuss the huge number of dungeons in Super Mystery Dungeon here! Whether it's the scenery, the Pokemon or the frustrations you run into in a dungeon, this is the thread for it. As always, all forum rules apply.
  3. Psynergy

    Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Music Appreciation Thread

    Discuss the soundtrack of Super Mystery Dungeon here! If you're looking for somewhere to discuss your favorite themes then this is the thread you're looking for. As always, all forums rules apply and be extra careful with themes that may spoil things for others.
  4. Psynergy

    Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Story Discussion

    Discuss the story and characters of Super Mystery Dungeon here! As always, all forum rules apply and in particular, please keep really big spoilers under spoiler tags and mark them as such. That being said, if you're avoiding spoilers then you're reading this thread at your own risk.
  5. Psynergy

    Primal Battle

    So the next Battle Competition on PGL has been announced, Primal Battle. The Pikachu Cup thread showed a surprising amount of interest so let's try that again with another format. For those familiar with VGC, this is the exact same format but with the added twist of allowing Groudon and Kyogre...
  6. Psynergy

    Pokémon Shuffle Mega Viability Rankings

    Pokémon Shuffle Mega Viability Rankings ~Mega Viability Rankings~ Say hello to the Pokémon Shuffle Mega Viability Rankings. Shuffle is not a hardcore or competitive game by any means, but as in any Pokémon game some naturally stand out more than others, and like other recent games Mega...
  7. Psynergy

    Super Draft Bros.

    Super Draft Bros. Welcome to another competitive Smash Bros tournament here on SPPf. Smash Wii U has been out for awhile now and with the holidays even more people have the game than before. This tournament will test your ability to play multiple characters, as well as resourcefulness as...
  8. Psynergy

    Super Smash Bros. Tournament Rules

    Smash Bros. is a game with a strong metagame, and with every strong metagame comes an organized rule set. The following is the standard competitive rule set used here in Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. Note that this is not a definite rule format so you are free to follow any rule set so long as all...
  9. Psynergy

    PokéNav Plus Discussion

    PokéNav Plus Discussion After questions about where to discuss DexNav it's become apparent that there's no designated place to discuss the features of the PokéNav Plus. Discuss the different features it offers here, such as the convenient AreaNav and the popular DexNav. As always, all forum...