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  1. Zephyr Flare

    Your rather irregular digital art dump

    Since it seems I forget for ages before posting a ton of stuff at once, I r awesome. These links go to DA though at the bottom I have also listed my ArtSpots gallery for those struggling with DA keeling over with the new update. These are in order, newest first. Done for the Gainsborough...
  2. Zephyr Flare

    Kingdom Hearts: A New Story

  3. Zephyr Flare

    ArtSlamettes and a Giraffe Dragon

    Newst to oldest, these are links to save any connections. Click the image for full view. All bar the Giraffe Dragon was done for ArtSlam, a project where you draw one image per day for 1-3 months on a particular subject. Mines Asrathe and this is my second month. On the week ones, I've on...
  4. Zephyr Flare

    A gander at the old - Showing of the ancient fics we made

    A ways back, Duncan and myself had a PM spam war (Between the youtube wars) where we were getting snippets from old fics to compare which was hilarous. I brought up the idea, hey why not have a thread where people can post a prologue/chapter/snippet of their oldest fics for people to have a...
  5. Zephyr Flare

    Piccies & Sketches

    Need a distraction so these are newest first, oldest last. Proper images: And some suck from lack of net access yesterday and having to keep leaving the computer. Birthday present, holy from memory batman. The Head Gardener of a certain place, please don't step on the flowers...
  6. Zephyr Flare

    Trip to the Underworld - Overdose

    Trip to the Underworld - Overdose The sign up thread for future reference. Overdose Fanfiction. --- ‘I swear when I next see him I’m gonna strangle that ******* for doing a runner!’ ‘You mean if, he probably knows you will.’ ‘Hey, I’ve got some recruits who can do the...
  7. Zephyr Flare

    Overdose - PG-13

    Is it? Can it be? Overdose is finally being posted?! But ya finally got the bloody Prologue done. It's a bit of an oddball this, it's in the same universe as RT but before, after, same time? Unknown or at least I won't say. Events may be refered to in both, something might be explained in one...
  8. Zephyr Flare

    Trip to the Underworld - Overdose Signup

    Trip to the Underworld - Overdose Signup There was a time when there was a great fear of the shadows in the darkness. People would constantly glance over their shoulders and tense at the slightest unusual sound. Kidnappings back then were common of both human and Pokemon alike, bodies often...
  9. Zephyr Flare

    Fanfiction Rules - Need YOUR Opinions

    Apologies in advance if I ramble a bit, there's a load of banging outside and it's not doing my head any good right now. Anyway the Fanfiction Rules will be revamped soon which is under discussion at the moment, less actual changes but more making them easier for users to understand as...
  10. Zephyr Flare

    Artworks & Sketches

    Just a few bits and pieces, all from this year though you're quite welcome to scour my AS or DA gallery. These links are to Artspots so unlike DA (Where I'm under Feather Dancer, google'll pick it up), no risk of porn the moment you click out the gallery. Whoo. Artworkz So first up since this...
  11. Zephyr Flare

    The Not Too Serious Adventures of Nick, Hero of the Plot

    Repost in an effort to encourage me to write chapter 2 after two years of this sitting around. I warn first that this is a humour created piece of writting. I piss take things you may not agree with nor understand, please respect that this will not be to everybody's taste nor does it try to be...
  12. Zephyr Flare

    Visitor Messages & You, A Guide To Use

    The How To Guide and Other Things You Never Knew Also known as, how to stop utterly infuriating Mods (Mostly me) with constant reports when you're trying to reply to people. So we had some new features in the forum upgrade didn't we? As well as the Social Groups, which are proving a hit...
  13. Zephyr Flare

    Ponderings on the Humble Pokeball

    Hokay, I’m sure if you lurk in the Writer’s Group in the Social Groups I’m sure you saw me mention this last night (GMT) and since there was actual interest I’m going ahead and posting. As is pretty dern obvious, Pokeballs for the many years have been a main staple in fanfictions, particularly...
  14. Zephyr Flare

    An Illusionist's Dream (Into My Mind) - PG-13

    Hooo boy this is an odd one. It is a Pokemon fic despite what you may garner from the Prologue (Hint, it's my muse Chikarma, he sucks at regular chess let alone the Destiny Board version :D) but you'd not suspect a thing from this first bit. This of course is following one who decided and is...
  15. Zephyr Flare

    The Reality Trainer - PG-13

    I was gonna work on my humour fic but decided to revamp another personal favourite insted. Logic? Tis indeedy. I really hate these fluffy little worlds where everything is perfect. Sure Team Rocket blows the odd thing up but you can wander into people's houses and they'll greet you with a...
  16. Zephyr Flare

    Couple o' piccies

    Freaking miracle, only been doing bloody doodles since January. So first up, an attemt to draw Chargon simple but backfired completely, figures. Next, a silly sketch done in this Sketcher online thing, I suck at horse heads. Latest image, done literally from yesterday afternoon till...
  17. Zephyr Flare

    The Authors' Cafe Rules & Regulations

    Welcome to the Authors’ Café. Please review the rules, which have been updated from the last ‘Guidelines’ thread. You will also see that the fic rating system has been officiated below. This thread is largely unchanged from the original bar a few edits here and there, but starting anew...
  18. Zephyr Flare

    Myths and Legends Contest Winners!

    These have actually been ready for a little while and it seems Dan unfortantely isn't able to act as the third judge but life gets in the way like that doesn't it? Heck been stopping me writting from drawing for nearly three months now :) All entrants will be sent their overall scores plus...
  19. Zephyr Flare

    A question of death - Need some views on the idea

    I’ve been further plotting my Arasthe project with bits and pieces of plot popping up whenever it feels like it but one particular thing popped up that was rather intriguing so interested on your views for this one. If you get confused, just say so as trying to explain might bring more to light...
  20. Zephyr Flare

    Regarding Announcements and/or general concerns

    Just a couple of questions as it has been bothering me somewhat. Is there anything you'd like to see specifically whenever I make the announcements? I try to make note of any incoming rule updates (Like the ones coming, got slightly backlogged with the big Friday coming plus artwork this week...