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    Who is your favourite boss in Pokemon Ranger 2 (spoilers)

    I looked around and found no thread like this so... This thread asks who your favourite boss is in Pokemon Ranger Shadoes of Almia. Please explain why you like that boss, is it because of the story behind that pokemon? Is it because of that boss's difficulty? Is it because that boss is just...
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    How many pokemon have you captured?

    I looked around and saw no thread like this so... How many pokemon have you captured in Pokemon Ranger2? I can't check now but when I can I will post it.
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    Explain your life story

    Approved by JoshYEAH Explain your life story Here you can share your life story, such as if you moved countries. Or if your parents remarried, or if you had relatives pass away. You could also explain some life changing moment you had. We're not forcing you to explain personal things.....
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    "Finish the Sentence" game

    This game is simple: The above poster says a line but leaves out one thing. Then the next user fills in the blank. Here's an example: Supertrainerguy: I ate a Dudemanguy: Elephant I am sitting next to Guymandude: Chuck Norris Simple? I'll start: I drank soda with_____
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    Pokemon Ranger Adventures

    This fic will contain no material that is unsafe for kids. This is my first fic so I am a little nervous. I decided that this would keep me busy and something to think about. I have a few notes before you read. I based these characters off off me and my family. Drew = Me (not my actual name)...
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    "Bonds to the End of Time"

    The next japenese title has been revealed "Bonds to the End of Time". This sereis comes after Galactic's Conuest in schedule wise. It is set to have a new thing called "GL". Like, Electrode GL. So what do you guys have to say about this? My source is Pokebeach
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    Your Favorite PMD2 boss (spoilers)

    Who is your favorite boss? Mine is Regigigas and his army.
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    Confusing H2O deck

    I have used this deck once before and won so I want to know what you guys think: Pokemon: Slowpoke lv 10 x2 GE Slowbro lv 39 x2 GE Eevee lv 14 x3 MD Eevee lv 12 x1 MD Glaceon Lv 46 x2 MD Glaceon Lv 44 x1 MD Vaporeon lv 45 x1 MD Espeon lv 44 x3 MD Articuno lv 46 x1 MD Smoochum lv 6...
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    Who does your deck revolve around?

    Basically this is asking who your strongest or favorite card in your deck is. By the way, I think this is where this thread belongs. I am currently making a deck but I think Regigigas Lv X will be.
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    Mario and Luigi Partners in Time

    This thread is dedicated to Mario and Luigi PIT. We can discuss the game here such as the bosses, soundtracks, or modes. Have fun! What do you think of the final boss
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    The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Club!

    The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Club! Yep! your eyes don't decieve you, this is a club dedicated to the awesome game that is Super Smash Bros. Brawl! So feel free to join and discuss (or brag) about your acheivments in this game. If you have never heard of this great game, it is a game where...
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    A new Regi?

    I know that the regis are supposed to be made of hard material, but what about a new regi? I've thought of Regifire, completely made of fire. Regiwater, made of water Regihost, merely a shadow Discuss.
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    The Rock Pokemon Alliance

    Welcome to the Rock Pokemon Alliance! Hello to all who love rock pokemon. This club was created because I have nothing better to do and plus I was very suprised to see that there is no club based off of an awesome subject! If you plan on joining this club please read the rest of this first...
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    Rate my fossil based deck

    Since Legends Awaken is here, I'm making changes in my deck. Pokemon(water, rock, and steel) x1 Regice x2 Regirock x2 Registeel x3 Regigigas x2 Armaldo x2 Anorith x2 Kabuto x2 Kabutops x2 Omanyte x2 Omastar x1 Sudowoodo x2 Bastiodon x2 Sheildon Trainers x4 fossil...
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    Rate my new team

    This team is more thought out than the last and I hope works out. Bastiodon *Relaxed Leftovers 252 HP/ 228 Def/ 28 SpD Taunt Metal Burst Stealth Rock Earthquake First I use Stealth Rock then Taunt so if my opponent switches out of Taunt they are Stealth Rocked. After using Taunt...
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    Rate my online team(this is the last one).

    I'm going to start battling online now so I'm WIDE open for suggestions. Armaldo*adamant Stone edge earthquake swords dance X-scissors Salamence*modest Choice specs flamethrower dragon pulse draco meteor hydro pump Jolteon*timid agility baton pass thunder wave thunderbolt...
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    Rate my second team please

    Once again I will probably need help with items and moves. Jolteon*Timid Baton pass double team/swords dance thunder wave thunderbolt? Leafeon*Adamant double team leaf blade sunny day solarbeam Dusknoir*Adamant? double team toxic confuse ray ice punch Armaldo*Adamant...
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    Rate my friends team please.

    My friend is also new to making strong and effective teams. Empoleon- no item Surf Flash cannon Drill peck Hydro pump Charizard- no item Flare blitz dragon claw brick break fly Roserade- no item mega drain aromatherapy toxic synthesis Scizor- no item iron head x scissor...
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    Please Rate My Team

    O.K I am new to building strong and effective teams so I need a lot of help... ;373;Salemence(undecided item) Fly Dragon Rush Protect -- -- ;169;Crobat(undecided item) Air Slash/Brave Bird Fly Confuse Ray Cross Poison ;262;Mightyena(undecided item) Ice Fang Sucker Punch...