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    my team (open for rating)

    this is my new competetive online team. please do not suggest getting rid of any of my pokemon, because thats not going to happen. anyway rmt. gyarados@??? adamant intimidate 252spd 252atk 6Sdef -dd -waterfall -eq -ice fang? standard gyarados. also my favorite lead. unsure whether...
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    trading untrained legit shiny palkia

    i only want a legit untrained shiny latias (any other offer will be ignored) when offering put in this form or ur offer will be ignored. lv. nature. untrained/trained (if it has been trained state evs) ivs.
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    need blissey with aromatherapy and siesmic toss

    also looking for good iv ditto. can give lugia, shiny golbat, groudon.
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    need a male dd larvitar and a bagon

    i have groudon, latios, rayquaza and a shiny golbat
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    trading latios

    i have a lv.50 mild (+Satk -def) latios and i am trading it for a rare candy.
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    my trade thread

    here is what im trading: the number beside each pokemon is their value number LEGENDS mew 2 celebi 2 jirachi 2 deoxys 2 phione 1 lugia 2 ho-oh 2 kyogre 1 groudon 1 EV TRAINED (each value 2) latios, mild ×2 (+Satk -def) 252 Satk 252 spd 4 hp rayquaza, adamant (+atk -Satk) 255...
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    good natured pokes

    trading: GOOD NATURED modest untrained lv.1 abra ×2 modest no evs lv.27 abra adamant ryhorn untrained lv.1 adamant beldum trained lv.15 adamant pineco untrained lv.16 jolly cranidos untrained lv.20 GOOD NATURE LEGEND rayquaza, adamant, 255 atk 255 spd lv.83 latios, mild, 252 Satk...
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    trading shiny latios, shiny crobat and modest mew for zigzagoon

    the zigzagoon must have extremespeed, must be under lv.50 (and if over lv.20, must be evolved). i will give all of the polemon in the title one. if u have a zigzagoon that doesnt math ehat i asked for, do NOT offer it.
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    will give shiny golbat, latios and mew for zigzagoon

    i want a linoone/zigzagoon. must be under lv.50 (must be evolved if over 20) with the move extremespeed.
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    need this zigzagoon!

    anyone who can give me a zigzagoon/linoone with extremespeed, under lv.50 will get all of the following: latios mew shiny golbat
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    need timid untouched abra

    i will trade one of the following for it: mew shiny golbat latios
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    a shiny for choice scarf

    i will give a shiny legit golbat for a choice scarf
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    a shiny for choice scarf

    i will give a shiny legit golbat for a choice scarf
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    shiny for TM

    i will give a shiny golbat to someone who can give me tm 26, earthquake.
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    will give mew for jolly craniados.

    the mew is legit, bold and untrained. the cranidos also has to be untrained.
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    will give big for...

    i will give all of these for a shiny latios: modest mew (untrained) impish shiny golbat calm 10 aniv celebi (untrained) shiny staravia groudon rayquaza
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    i have a legit mew (bold and untrained) and its up for trade. i also have 3 shiny golbats(cloned, but legit). i want shinys for them.
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    which is better? tangrowth or ryperior

    me and my friend have been arguing about this for a while. i guess this is the best way to sort it out. btw, i am the one that thinks ryperior is better, he is the noob that thinks otherwise lol!
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    good legit pokes inside!

    i have all of the following: mew jirachi shiny golbat untrained bold blissey with 31 hp iv mild latios groudon i will trade all of them for a shiny latios.
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    lv.40 jirachi

    i have a lv.40 legit jirachi and i want to trade it. in return i would like any legit event legend.