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    General Sly Cooper Thread

    So I felt the need to make thread for this series with the new game coming just around the corner for people to talk about it and the rest of the series. So what do you guys think of the new game so far? I think it looks great i just hope we get all 10 main ancestors in the game.
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    Pokemon's Speeding Clash

    Pokemon's Speeding Clash ;277; Hello and Welcome I am the fastest pokemon on Earth, Dash Hawkins, and I have been given the chance to hold race across special locations. Each leg of the race has 3 stages each stage with 2 different choices of a task to perform. You are asking yourself why...
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    I have had this really good idea for a fan fiction in my head for awhile now. But every time I go to write i just can't do it. I keep getting distracted by other things and I just need advice on how to stay focused.
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    In this game I will send you on a giant clue hunt. In the beginning I will give you a clue and based on that you will pick the location you want to go to based on the clue. If you pick the right location you move on wrong location you die. That will go on until we have a winner getting harder...
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    Pokemon Adventures Black and White volume 6

    It's supposed to come out 3 days from now but I found it today at my bookstore. I'm currently reading it and will answer any questions once I finish. And feel free to discuss
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    Next Pokespecial chapter title

    Considering the new games titles, do you think they gonna continue using Pokemon Black and White as the chapter title or Pokemon Black and White 2? I think they will continue with Black and White because the new games are a continuing storyline from the first.
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    Darkest Corners of the Brain

    Here I'll post some poetry and short stories First for you I have a poem I'll present to girl I like on Valentine's Day. From a long of distance I see my goal My goal for love oh so beautiful Standing in my way diverging us Is a deadly chasm that is endless My courage has built up to this...
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    Shade's Dark Gallery

    I'll post all my creations here. I only have and use paint and all constructive criticism is welcome. Fusions~ Banners~ Lickies~
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    Okay So your in a Ski lodge. With 23 of your closest friends. Or so you think! During the day you can walk around and gather supplies(In thread) and talk to people and spirits(who are given all information)(through PM) and make alliances(through PM) and easedrop (through PM). Then at night you...
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    Up Ship

    credit: codeyokoo ;338; Do I really have to do the intro can't Solaire do it? ;236; I'm sorry sir but your our main host you hav- ;026; Hello There! I'm Solaire and this is ou- *Trips on camera cord and falls flat on her face taking the camera with her* Sorry Phil. ;236; Get the back up...
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    I'm sorry if there is already a thread for this purpose. Anyway I would like manga suggestions here is what i m currently reading/interested in: 1. One piece 2. Mar 3. Pokemon adventures 4. Fairy Tail 5. Ultimo 6. Psyren 7. Rave Master 8. Shaman King 9. Hunter x Hunter 10. Full Metal...
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    Pokemon Travelers: Kanto Barracks

    Credit: Dracoste(Who is stubborn and won't play!!) Kanto Barracks ;115; Hup! It's 4 Star General Damien and I'm here in Pallet town looking for new recruits for the Overlord's Army Kanto Division. If you are interested in training to be a slave used to kill other slaves in war meet me on the...
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    Hello and welcome that title was to attract you. Welcome to the game: Who the Crepe am I Someone will post a picture of a character or famous person and the next person will guess who it is. If they get it wrong it goes to the next person until someone gets it right then they post a pic. For...
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    Pokemon adventures Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen arcs

    So apparently they are being released here in the states. With all the release dates on Bulbapedia. Also thanks to lolipiece for finding this on Viz Kids. Vol. 15 Vol. 16 Vol. 17 Vol. 18 Vol. 19 Vol. 20 Vol. 21 Vol. 22 Vol. 23 Vol. 24 Vol. 25 Vol. 26 Vol. 27 Vol. 28 Vol. 29
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    Misfits: A Story of Powers Lost and Powers Gained

    Misfits The story of powers lost and powers gained Chapter 1: Power Outage Jackal slowly stood up from his small bed in the corner of his room. As he stretched his legs he heard a commotion from outside. He hurried out to check on it because he was the sheriff of the valley town of Little...
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    Kanto Travels

    Kanto Travels ;105; G'day mate! It's Damien Terra and I'm here in Pallet town looking for contests to participate in my new show Kanto Travels. If you are interested in playin my game hop on down to Professor Oak's Lab. So this is a game where you will travel through the Kanto region and at...
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    Truth or Dare.

    Here you can post any Truth or Dare experiences. I'll start, whenever my gifted class goes on a school trip we play Truth or Dare and someone always leaks everything so no one answers truthfully. Like my friend was asked who he liked he gave 4 intials J. O. K. E. So post yours.
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    The Pokemazing Race

    The Pokemazing Race ;271; Hello and welcome to The Pokemazing Race, I'm Victor. This is a race where teams of two travel around the world. The race will be divided into legs and during each leg you will have to complete challenges. The last team to finish will have one person eliminated. So who...
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    Pokemon Black Version Team

    http://pokejungle.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/535.png http://pokejungle.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/546.png http://pokejungle.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/566.png http://pokejungle.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/570.png http://pokejungle.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/619.png ...
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    Sly Cooper 4!!

    !!SLY 4!! SLY 4 TRAILER Finally he is back!! Really hope the trailer is showing fudeal Japan!! and the return of the clue bottles is good.