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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    Agreed. I wouldn't regard it be one of the best Pokemon out there, but I think it's been given a few nice new things to play with so it could function as a wallbreaker of sorts, or maybe a decent TR sweeper, as you've mentioned.
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    Ah, well that's unfortunate. I sure hope they don't make it exclusive for distribution like the Blazikenite.
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    To my knowledge, X & Y will have something similar to the Underground excavation back in D/P/Pt and that is how you'll be able to obtain certain Mega Stones. I'm not entirely sure though.
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    Huge Power + 295 base attack? With a Steel/Fairy typing to boot! I've got high hopes for Mega-Mawile! What do you guys think?
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    Happy Halloween!

    I got this idea from octaneblue, a YouTuber who posts PBR wifi matches. I tried sampling different pokemon to match with the theme, but I didn't want to use the same ones that octaneblue used, so here's what I got. I have the weird habit of putting stallers first. Here goes nothing: Skuntank...
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    My HGSS "scavenger team"

    Ampharos @ Leftovers/Brightpowder Timid Nature Ability: Static -Thunderbolt -Signal Beam -Thunder Wave/Double Team -Light Screen Ampharos pwns. Sp.Def is pretty decent, but maybe try a different pokemon? It's all up to you.
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    Random Double Battle Battle Tower team

    Hm. I would think so. I just posted the moveset if yours were to have a Naive Nature.
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    Platinum BT Team

    Thank you very much. I think I'll keep my Dusknoir spread because I'm not willing to train all over again for that one, but I think I might make some more changes to Metagross. I think I might keep Shadow Sneak on Dusknoir because I mainly use it to finish pogeys that survive Pain...
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    Planning a team

    Not half bad. Glaceon @ Choice Specs Modest Nature Ability: Snow Cloak -Ice Beam -Shadow Ball -Signal Beam -Water Pulse Also see: Drifblim @ Sitrus Berry/Scope Lens Timid Nature Ability: Unburden/Aftermath -Focus Energy -Shadow Ball -Charge Beam -Explosion Behold the...
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    Platinum BT Team

    I really should start making one for HG/SS, but right now I'm still focused on bettering my Platinum team. Dusknoir @ Leftovers Impish Nature Ability: Pressure 252 HP/4 atk/252 def -Will-O-Wisp -Fire Punch -Pain Split -Shadow Sneak Slowly wears down the opponent's team. I thought it...
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    Random Double Battle Battle Tower team

    Your words strike true, friend. I'll just post what I post because I'm used to it. Disregard any information that may seem unimportant. (i.e.natures, etc.) Venusaur @ Leftovers Calm Nature Ability: Overgrow -Leech Seed -Sleep Powder -Light Screen/Substitute/Ingrain -Energy Ball...
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    Party help

    Life Orb+Flare Blitz on Charizard is risky. Try Fire Punch. Get rid of Rock Slide because of poor accuracy and it's inferiority to Stone Edge(which Charizard cannot learn). Rock Slide type-trumps Flying, and Bug, which don't pose any immediate threats to Charizard. Thunder Punch can go in place...
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    Party help

    Adamant on Charizard was pretty common back then. However, let's go with Jolly this time. Charizard @ Salac Berry Jolly Nature Ability: Blaze -Belly Drum -Fire Punch -Earthquake -Roost Honchkrow @ Life Orb Modest Nature Ability: Super Luck -Nasty Plot -Dark Pulse -Thunder...
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    My Platinum Team

    Togekiss+Staraptor is a little redundant. Magnezone @ Leftovers Modest/Calm Nature Ability: Sturdy -Thunderbolt -HP Grass/HP Ice -Substitute -Magnet Rise/Light Clay This takes the place of Luxray and Togekiss. Replace Luxray with: Gengar @ Wide Lens Timid Nature Ability...
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    Another Platinum BF Team

    Rain Dance would be great for a physical set, but... Bronzong @ Light Clay Relaxed Nature Ability: Levitate 252 HP/252 Def/4 Sp.Def -Reflect -Light Screen -Gyro Ball -Earthquake I guess you could pick which one to put 252 EV's in. (def or sp.def) Good job using a dual-screener, btw.
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    RMT for the frontier?

    Metagross @ Light Clay Careful Nature Ability: Clear Body -Light Screen -Bullet Punch -Earthquake -Ice Punch/Explosion Flygon @ Choice Scarf Jolly Nature Ability: Levitate -Dragon Claw -Earthquake -U-Turn -Fire Punch Try 'em out.
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    My future SS team

    Meganium @ Leftovers Bold Nature Ability: Overgrow -Leech Seed -Reflect/Sleep Powder -Energy Ball -Substitute Annoying as hell. Houndoom's fine, I guess. Will-O-Wisp>Substitute(but that's old). It might want Focus Sash to get a Nasty Plot in without Substitute, but it's fine...
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    Hey, sorry I couldn't reply back earlier. I got sick for a few days. Btw, the team you were...

    Hey, sorry I couldn't reply back earlier. I got sick for a few days. Btw, the team you were asking me to rate is probably long gone, so...Yeah, sorry I don't come onto the site more often. If you have any other accounts on any other site, like yahoo or something, maybe that would be better, as I...
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    Hehe, sorry about that. It's just, I'd like to get on more often, like I used to, back when I...

    Hehe, sorry about that. It's just, I'd like to get on more often, like I used to, back when I was still a n00b.
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    I'm Fine. I don't know why I can't find the time to come here at least once a day. I really want...

    I'm Fine. I don't know why I can't find the time to come here at least once a day. I really want to, you know.