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    Impossible Master Rank Contests

    Is it just me, or are the contests in Sinnoh about a billion times harder than the contests in Hoenn? I was able to get all contest ribbons in Hoeen, but so far I've only managed to get the cute master ribbon in Sinnoh, and that was only through sheer luck. I've never been able to make the...
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    No Sand Here (VGC Doubles)

    Remember me, from months ago when I had this badly co-ordinated team that had an unnerve ttar? Well, said ttar is back again, this time with teamates that can support it. Or rather, this time he can support the rest of his team. It's worked alright for me in online battles, but I always, always...
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    Doubles RMT

    After my last VGC, where I saw a lot of surprising tactics, I've now come up with a new team that will hopefully counter most of those threats. My current team still isn't completely stable however; my counters normally end up getting killed before they can do anything, allowing the enemy to...
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    Unicorn Rotation Team

    With the second release of Keldeo I finally got my hands on that little blue pony. Because I like horses in general I decided to put together a fun team of Pokemon unicorns - Zebstrika, Rapidash and Keldeo as part of a rotation team for use on random wifi battles (sadly no PWT or VGCs as Keldeo...
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    OU Doubles team for upcoming vgc

    I'm trying to make a balanced team that can function well with or without trick room. Since it's for the upcoming wifi tournament and you're only allowed to take 4 of the 6 pokemon you have, I've settled on a team with 2 super speedy pokemon, 2 medium speed, and 2 slow speed, to accomodate my...
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    VGC Winter team

    Okay, I'll admit, this team's pretty bad, mainly because I found out about the VGC 3 days before the tourny started, and prior to that I hadn't done any EV training or competitive battling, so I basically started from scratch, and just scraped together a team. (win ratio is about 30% so...