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    4th Gen Double Battle Team

    Metagross (Bedlum) Calm Natured Stealth Rock Psychich Grass Knot Flash Canon Salamance (Goomba) Jolly Natured Dragon Breath Dragown Claw Flamethrower Double Edge Feraligator (Crocky) Impish Natured Crunch Earthquake Ice Punch Waterfall Snorlax Lonely Natured Block Rollout...
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    My HeartGold Team

    I thought'd be a good idea to see how other people think about my Pokemon team In no particular order: Skeptile (Treeky) Leaf blade False Swipe (pokemon catching purposes) Drain Punch Dragon Claw Salamance (Goomba) DragonBreath Dragon Claw Flamethrower Double Edge...