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    The Official Signature Check Thread, version 2.0 - CHECKER APPLICATIONS CLOSED

    What are the things that I dont post on my sig? I know the creator of the logo as he's my cousin. Are devianart homepage fine? are social network homepage fine? Should I use one website and merge it to the picture? Is this a banner? I got this from his forum profile and this is what their...
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    Veronica Taylor to be returned? Rachael and Maddie did!

    It's been a long time since I last logged in here. I wasnt banned, though. lol.... Just recently aired in the USA is the Maylene 3-episode arc. It was voiced by Rachael Lillis herself and she confirmed it from her Online Group (cant tell you what group it is) Just recently aired in Japan...
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    Question about the new Pokemon Movie in Japan

    I suggest use a Japanese DP since Japanese pokemon might not work with Wireless trades to a US DP. A WiFi Trade will enable this but I would go with a Japanese game for the Darkrai. im now here in Hokkaido and am waiting for the Darkrai. good luck and enjoy the movie.
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    what gym had you frustrated

    for me, Roark's Cranidos really annoys me as it attacks me first even though I got a LV.29 Prinplup. it almost killed me. so yeah, the first gym really is frustrating. the rest are easy enough for me, i think.
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    Pokemon trading JP - US - EU

    yes, you can trade japanese DP and US DP. no, you cannot transfer US RSE-FRLG to Japanese DP
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    Mistakes on Serebii.net

    http://serebii.net/pokedex-rs/attack.shtml The name of MIGHTYENA was written as Larvitar. This is when I check on which pokemon I need to battle with my Adamant Metagross.
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    Pokemon DP release on a sunday... WHY?

    I think that being released on sunday will be an advantage to Pokemon DP as more people will go shopping. I dont see any religious problems here. People go to the church then go to the mall after that (or somewhere). Oh well....wish us luck
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    All DP Sugimori Avatars Complete

    it is the japanese beginning character of it (aka Alphabetically arrange in the US) take the japanese letter "HA", anything related to it is listed there like the branches of H, F, B, and P --- if you click on the picture of the pokemon and click again the blue thing below the evolution...
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    Possible D/P English Intro

    though, the flashing of the logo at the near end made me convinced. sigh. I must say that this is real. wasnt the previous games have the same japanese and english intros only they have different logo?
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    Wi-fi qustions

    go with the bicycle. LOL!! anyway.... you need a Wireless router that's already connected in your home, a wireless internet connection, the friend code of your friend. if you dont have a wireless router, try buying the Nintendo USB Flash Adaptor. Have fun in trading!!
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    Pokemon Ranger Recent Happenings Thread

    Snorlax will be the last pokemon to be captured. sigh, both my japanese and my US Ranger are not yet completed though I have Manapahy in my japanese and the egg in my US. 20 more pokemon in my US and 9 more in my Japanese. no Regis in both countries....sigh....
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    help with the pal park

    all the data/codings of all the 386 GBA pokemon are already in the Safari Zone Pal Park in the DP. so YOU MUST insert the corresponding GBA Pokemon in your DS or it could mess the codings. If you have Japanese insert the Japanese GBA. Once you inserted the GBA, the 6 pokemon will trigger...
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    Who's gonna have trouble..

    well.....here's what I might think as an alternate solution. I am a Fione fan and a Manaphy girl and I hope this works. #1. I know this will not work with famous malls just the lsmall local game store. why not ask the gamestore manager or the clerk (if you're both friends) and let your...
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    All DP Sugimori Avatars Complete

    I cant believe that's my beloved Fione...Oh my....Thanks Serebii..... Time for me to change into Fione
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    When did Ash's Voice change?!?!

    I really really loved the way May's new voice is today. well, Jame's voice is perfect for the "Sweet Baby James" I sure hope NewAsh (aka Sarah) would improved since it's still hurting my ears even as we speak.....er....type yeah....the voice changed last Fear Factor Phony
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    What was the first Pokemon you ever laid eyes on?

    Well, I first encountered Squirtle from a poster that I truly gazed for a minute or two. ever since then, I keep on choosing squirtle as my starter pokemon as it was the first pokemon that I saw in my whole life
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    Official Signature Check Thread

    Okay, I decided to change my signature. After watching thhe "Diamond and Pearl: Do your best, Pochama" Episode. the animated GIF are small in both the image size and the content size. I also included my current Pokemon Pearl Team and I'll include my friend code sometime in the future...
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    Slander from other sites

    As long as Serebii's reputation of being one of the best Pokemon source around has not been altered, there's no way that this guy beating you. Serebii's far more superior than him
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    New Scan with new information about the New Guy

    I gave enough info about that page. really, there's nothing more special about page 82 except for Hikari's data. page 83 just tells us the first 3 episodes andthe teaser about the 2 hour debut episode
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    New Scan with new information about the New Guy

    I did finnish a little but the rest of the info will be within this week or so here's what i finnished so far: (fixed the link) http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c287/mica_pokemon/DP_anime_scan.jpg also, the writings at the right side was the sypnosis of the first 3 episodes of the...