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    Veronica Taylor to be returned? Rachael and Maddie did!

    It's been a long time since I last logged in here. I wasnt banned, though. lol.... Just recently aired in the USA is the Maylene 3-episode arc. It was voiced by Rachael Lillis herself and she confirmed it from her Online Group (cant tell you what group it is) Just recently aired in Japan...
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    Everyone! Save Serebii from these attackers

    Please check the following link, these guys seem to be planning on attacking your site. http://alakazam.s2.bizhat.com/index.php?mforum=alakazam Help prevent this attack from happening here in Serebii.
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    Philippines Rejoice! The path to Advanced starts on August 5

    To all Philippine people here in Serebii, good news for you Today, philippine Cartoon Network has announced for a special Pokemon event that'll be happening on August 5. as far as I know, it will be a 3-hour Pokemon Special. I Just a news I received from my sis in the Philippines Today's...
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    [Feb 2007] Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon in Japan

    according to Yumi Iizuka, there is going to be a special airing in February next year in Japan that features Kasumi (Misty). I believe that this special is likely to be a Japanese translation of the premiered US Special "The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon". [EDIT] If this proves true, It will...
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    It's been years but I made it here

    For so many time I've visited Serebii how I wish to participate in the contribution. 2 years lates, I found out the forum. 1 year later, Pokemon is in a crisis of VAs. 6 months later, I finally looked at the forum. 2 months later, I am here. Im new in forums and I dont know what to do. hope...