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    Reverse 'Dat Team

    Reverse 'Dat Team Hello there everyone. This team may look as if it is your average n00b's badly constructed, kinda standard and generally awful team. It's not. OK, I'll admit I'm a n00b, it's badly constructed and it's generally awful, but this team isn't standard. It's only got to 1500 on...
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    Majesty Hello, this is my BW2 RMT, named Majesty. It one of the better examples of a team in a fresh new metagame, although I won’t say it is one of the best teams in this metagame, because that would be simply untrue. It has served me pretty well on the showdown ladder, but in the completely...
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    Renaissance - Peaked #4

    Hello, and welcome to Renaissance, an NU team by Barbeller with thanks to shnen and all the people in #neverused. This team focuses on using the tanking powers of Vileplume and the offensive powers of Charizard to push through opposing teams. It also uses Kangaskan and Golem to revenge opposing...
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    Serebii CCAT

    Serebii CCAT Hello, and welcome to the Serebii CCAT (Community Create A Team) thread! As the name suggests, this thread is all about creating a team in a community, helping some of the less experienced players play with better teams, helping them get used to the metagame - but still teams that...
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    Vanilla Venison

    Hello, and welcome to Vanilla Venison, a sun Rate My Team. I have played BW since near the beginning, and this is my favourite team. It may not be my best, but I love this team, despite only recently making it. It is a style I don't play often - offense. At least I believe it to be. As the name...
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    Christmas SPAM! (NU HO)

    Christmas NU Team had an Epiphany This team started off as a Christmas team, but seeing as the twelve days of Christmas are over, I decided to make it more serious. If you want, you can rate the old team in the spoiler, it's no longer viable, because Klinklang and Snover are out of NU now...
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    The Way to Fly

    A flying 3:3 team I threw together. Inspired by the talk I had with some of the better battlers (game and peachy), I thought I may as well make a team based around sigilyph as well, though mine won’t be half as good. I managed to get to #2 on Smogon with this (right after a ladder reset so...
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    3:3 Steel Team

    This team is very... interesting. I am using it as a gym team in at least one leage so I would like to improve it before I open it to the public. Jirachi @ Choice Scarf;385; Nature: Jolly (+ Speed - Sp Attack) Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 252 Speed/ 252 HP/ 4 Attack -Iron Head -Ice Punch -Fire...
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    My poison team

    Ok, this is my first 5th gen team, I've used it a bit and it works but there may be room for improvements... Venomoth @ Focus Sash;049; Ability: Sheild Dust Nature: Timid (+ Speed -Attack) EVs: 252 speed - 252 HP - 4 defence Moves: Sleep powder Toxic spikes Quiver dance Baton Pass Sleep Powder...