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    Legends Untold

    Welcome to... Legends Untold! We are a guild that stands for strength, bonds, friendship, power, wisdom, courage and might. If you dare to enter our gates; go ahead! If you are one who knows fear; begone! Here we train to become the best! We help each other through rough and tough times of...
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    The Art Space

    Welcome to The Art Space! The place where you need to be when you need banners, signatures, avatars, and more. Just fill in the form, and post it here, and it will be done. But, no shop without rules ofcourse. 1. No harrasement/offending/flaming/etc. 2. Fill in the form correctly. 3...
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    Watch out, but the clan 'PokeForce' is here. This terrifying warriors will battle till the end. You will never know when we are around. Sneaky like a Gengar, fast like a Scizor, strong like both. We are strong warriors, that will survive and battle at any cost. So watch out, because we are here...
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    FrozenPhoenix96s signatures/banners

    I'm posting the banners/signatures I made here. Posting more here if I make more! :)