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    Project Blackout

    Anyone else play this game? For those of you who don't know what it is, It's an online FPS that you download and play. Personally I like this game and play it quite alot. It does lag a little and there are some hackers, But there you go, There's hackers in nearly every game.
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    Pokemon Silver Team

    I am currently doing a walkthrough in Pokemon Silver and I will need some help with my team. I only have a few members I know I will use so I will need help with the rest and some of the moves. Btw I will post what I plan on their moves being. Typhlosion (No idea for item) - Flamethrower -...
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    Pokemon associated with the 5 regions

    When I think about either of the regions or say them out, I always get a picture of another Pokemon which I associate with it. I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else but if so name which Pokemon they are! Here's mine: Kanto: Weezing/Muk Johto: Ampharos Hoenn: Tropius Sinnoh: Lucario...
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    Pokemon Emerald Team

    Hey there! I am doing an Emerald walkthrough and need help on moves and maybe Pokemon. Blaziken, Skarmory, Magneton and Gardevoir I already have so don't suggest other natures for them please. Blaziken Ability: Blaze Nature: Mild (SR'd for this) - Strength - Ember - Blaze Kick - Double Kick...
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    My First Competitive Team!

    Hey there! I am new to competitive battling and I don't battle in a certain tier so this is just a random team I wanted to get rated by you guys. I am open to suggestions to make my team better but I won't take Porygon2 out, I love him! Also I don't worry about EV's but I will put the ones I do...
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    After the Elite 4?

    NOTE: I'm not sure if there is already a Thread like this, If there is then close it. Well which region do you think has the most to do after the Elite 4? IMO I would choose Hoenn (Emerald) because it has the Battle Frontier which I think is better than all the other ones, You can also re...