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    Well balanced team! :)

    I like my Team, so, I'll post my team from my Pokémon Red to see if it is really good. Here is my Team: All at LV. 100. Charizard (Ruby) Slash Fissure Flamethrower Fly Nidoking (Steven) Double Kick Horn Drill Earthquake Poison Sting (only Poison type move he learns. ><' )...
  2. M

    MGD's back after a 2 year drought!

    ;150; Hello, it is me, Mewtwo's Guardian Demon. I have not been here for over 2 years, so I have been re-registered. Well, as far as I know, that this site is as good as ever. I hope I'll have fun with everyone here at Serebii. ~MGD. ;150;