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    I'll make another account. ~:

    I'll make another account. ~:
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    Lavender town theme

    It was since the first time I listened to it my favorite R/B/Y FR/LG theme. It's creepy indeed, but it's still amazing. All the Lavander Town remixes are just fabulous, too.
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    Seviper or Zangoose?

    I think Zangoose is a lot more pretty. Another thing is that it's sprite always looks somewhat angry.
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    What is your fav Eeveeloution?

    They're all awesome and look great, really. But Vaporeon has to be my favorite. It's just fabulous and adorable. In second comes Glaceon and Espeon.
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    What was your favorite 4th Gen game?

    SoulSilver is my favorite version overall alongside FireRed and BW2 comes in second. I really like SoulSilver because Lugia is one of my favorite legendaries, and both HG/SS have an unique feature that any other version of the pokemon games just don't have, that's being able to get your pokemon...
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    Who is your favorite Elite 4 member in B/W?

    I really like how Caitlin looks. She's very pretty and elegant, and cute also.
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    Movie 16 - ExtremeSpeed Genesect & The Awakening of Mewtwo - FIRST DETAILS

    Genesect will for sure appear in the next movie. I'm not sure if Mewtwo will really appear though, and if it's really going to make an appearence in the 16th movie so I guess it won't destroy everything while fighting Genesect. Maybe it will fight Genesect to control it, and when it's controlled...
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    New Styles

    My favorite still being the Serebii.net Style. I liked the Ghost one, though. Maybe I'll use it for a while.
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    I don't know how this happened.

    I don't know how this happened.
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    I lost my msn password~

    I lost my msn password~
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    Nickname your pokémon?

    I usually give them nicknames to feel some bond. x: My current B2 team is Ivy (Serperior), Bahh (Ampharos) and Ryuu (Trapinch).
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    Wild Jumpluff appears!

    Heyhey! I'm almost new here too. Jumpluff is quite cute. If you wanna be friends, feel free~
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    Haai~ Nice to see you here. :3

    Haai~ Nice to see you here. :3
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    Mew vs Arceus

    I think n00bs are the ones who think that stats and etc are all that matters. The point here is that if the trainer sucks, so do ANY of her/his pokemon. It's not just take a Uber pokemon that will make you win any battle. Strategy is the key. Both Mew and Arceus are good, but I'm pretty sure...
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    Can anyone explain WHY Pikachu is the go-to mascot?

    Raichu is very good looking, but I'm sick of Pikachu.
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    The scariest thing you have ever seen in your life.

    Little frogs jumping on me at night in a forest? Maybe.
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    Blastoise of Feraligatr?

    Certainly Feraligatr, it hasn't weapons getting out of its body.
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    Pokemon Unfairness

    That's true, I must say that BW was the bug reborn. Where almost all bugs are at least somewhat cool.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Oh gosh, I laught very hard.
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    Pokemon Unfairness

    I didn't get it. I was talking about how they come late in-game, and the 5th Generation overdid it because of BW: Axew, Mienfoo, Rufflet/Vullaby, Deino and Larvesta. It maked me sad. That wasn't only Dratini like in the First Generation, what was boring, but not so unfair.