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    Platinum: Last pokemon suggestion

    I am stumped on who to use to fill the 6th spot on my team. Here is what I have/will have so far. I just need this team to get through the game, not the BF. I am not using any of my TM's as I am saving them for online play when I make a team. Torterra Earthquake Wood Hammer Crunch...
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    Emerald- BF Team Help

    A few things to limit confusion: - emerald only, no trades - only will have one item or one TM so don't tell me to put thunderbolt on two people for instance. the only TM I have used in-game is Thunderbolt on Gardevoir. The only person on this team I would like to keep 100% is...
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    Did Anyone Else Miss a REAL rival?

    because May (or whatever the guy was) was boring and terrible. I missed not having to face the rival at the very end, who actually had a balanced and good team. Instead all we get is miss quit in lilycove and she was never any good. she used freaking slugma! the best thing of a decent...
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    What three pokes did Noland have agaisnt you?

    Might be interesting to see what combinations pop up since it is supposed to be random... for the silver doo hickey, noland started out with espeon, then went to heracross, then jynx my typhlosion swept his team. EQ'd espeon, he switched to heracross, eq for no damage, overheat for the...
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    which fire type for my Emerald team

    Notes: in game, not for battle frontier. Just for the game and E4 Sceptile Gardevoir Hariyama Slaking Walrein I can't decide between Ninetales or Torkoal. Ninetails would have flamethrower, confuse ray, willowisp, and roar. and I really like its speed as I prefer to use fast guys...
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    3rd Gen Psychics: Gardevoir or Alakazam?

    Which of the two do you prefer? I liked Gardevoir a hell of a lot more. It can actually take a hit and it is much easier to evolve. It also learns psychic quickly.
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    Emerald- E4 Team

    All pokes are 45-48 level wise Blaziken Ability: Blaze i think it is called Item: Thing that increases fire moves -Blaze Kick -Brick Break -Slash -Bulk Up Pretty self explanatory. Flygon Ability: Levitate I think Item: increases ground attacks -Earthquake -Fly...
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    Battle Frontier

    has anyone had success in battle frontier without being obsessed with this game? by obsessed i mean... EV training lots of breeding for moves and IV's cloning TM's Basically, is it even possible to play this game "casually" and still have some success in the frontier?
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    Emerald, Team member suggestions

    To start off with, this team needs to be able to make it through the elite 4. I don't have the final evolutions yet but just planning ahead (only have 4 badges). I also hope to take a few of these guys into the battle frontier as well. One thing about my teams: I don't breed because its...