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  1. Det. Viper

    Det. Viper’s Trade Thread

    LF: * Vivillon (meadow, icy snow, archipelago, sandstorm, savanna, jungle) * Shiny Wooloo, Jangmo-o, Grookey *If you have any interesting breed-mons I am willing to hear your offers. *Also looking for Alakazam, Grimer (must have LGPE symbol and transferable to those games) ——————————————— FT...
  2. Det. Viper

    FT: Beast Ball Galarian Zigzagoon

    Hey all. I have some 5 IV jolly Galar Zigzagoon in beast balls if anybody is in the market for one. They don’t have egg moves but I can get them Knock Off upon request. I am looking for: -Choice items -Life Orb -Chipped Pot -Rusty Sword -Other competitively viable Pokémon
  3. Det. Viper

    New to the Battle Spot team

    So I have been playing around in the Battle Spot and have been playing with the team I have below. There has been much success and some failures. The successes are real good and the failures, although infrequent, are major defeats. I’m looking for some advice on improving this team...
  4. Det. Viper

    First Competitive Team since Gen IV

    I have not been in any competitive battles since HeartGold. Back then I used a team that centered around a Shuckle as a team wall. I have since lost those six Pokemon and stopped competitive battling. The new Pokemon released in Sun/Moon got me back into it. This is the team that I have been...