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  1. orochi

    Pokemon Fairy Tale: Quest to Save Hoenn

    Art and Story by me Here is another manga by me and a friend: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?580240-Blood-Type-P I would REALLY appreciate some feedback. Fust ask questions, comment, critique, tell me your favorite part, or throw out some ideas. Something! ...Please ^w^ Since my...
  2. orochi

    Evolution Costumes

    Banner by me. If you have any cool ideas, share it with me and I might make it happen! Look at this beautiful Asian Lady(anime style) with her koi fan! I was inspired by Randy C. (ItsBirdy) Then I started to go off into my own style of this art. Here is a link to his work...
  3. orochi

    Blood Type P

    is a fan manga that is written by my friend Codeepfly(Codee Pfleiderer) and art my me Orochi (Olyvia Cepeda) Here is another manga I am working on: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?614904-Pokemon-Fairy-Tale-Quest-to-Save-Hoenn&p=16336074#post16336074 Writer: Hey I'm codeepfly. I'm...
  4. orochi

    Orochi's fanart enjoy;)

    im going to try and upload all my artwork on this post from now on. all my work is done traditionally. comment all you want and give me advice(seriously i see wonderful work with no comments *they deserve to be recondized * it gives them more motivation). make any requests too and ill try to...
  5. orochi

    dark/ghost pokemonin a blue forest painting

    its a 20 by 15 inch painting. it took me approximately 14 hours to finish. feel free to comment and give me any advice im sorry that its kind of blurry, i dont have a scanner and my camera it not the greatest. there are 17 pokemon. can you catch them all?
  6. orochi

    growlithe and arcanine

    i made this for my friend for her graduation present. her favorite pokemon is growlithe. it took me four and a half ours to paint. ( ignore the scissors, youll know what i mean if you look closely, it was a used canvas i got at school) fell free to give me comments and or advice at what i need...