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    Stupid Things You Think About Characters?

    I used to have a conspiracy theory that Blaine and Kurt are in love and like singing just because Glee. I really don't get why I don't run outta the room when its on ._. They're about the same age, and the Johto/Kanto split is like the NY/WherevertheheckGleeismostlybasedat between Blaine and...
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    Saddest Book You've Ever Read?

    The title explains it all. If you wish to elaborate on why it's the saddest, please put it in a spoiler. For me, it's The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan.
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    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    I just read over the old original post, jeez, I sounded like a spoiled brat. I have a really bad temper, sorry guys. But may I remind you that I'm still in my mid teens, I'm supposed to be stupid and hormonal and crap :p ________________________________________________________________ My worst...
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    Have You Ever Been Made Fun Of/Picked On For Liking Pokemon?

    Personally, I'm quite lucky that my school is friendly, and I've never been seriously picked on for liking Pokemon, just teased by my friends. But only teased. They know I like it, and there's no changing it.
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    The Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus Discussion Thread

    Hey guys! Midnight here! This thread is pretty self-explanatory! Here, we serebii.netters who love Rick Riordan's modern fantasy world full of Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology can converse here! With topics like speculation, shippings, characters and things you like/dislike about the...
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    Ironic Things In Pokemon

    Nobody ever loved poor Bulbasaur. Always out shined by Charmander or even Squirtle. Everybody laughed at him, saying Charmander was way better. But then came Sludge Bomb. Then Stealth Rock. Then the Special/Physical Split. Then the Giga Drain Boost. Then Chlorophyll. Now, Venesaur is a major sun...
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    'Rain on Your Parade!' Mono/Rain OU Team

    Hey guys, I just got into competitive. How's my Mono-Water/Rain Team? Note: It's a Mono-Team, so I'll only be using Water-Types. BTW: I am not replacing Tentacruel, Cloyster or Poli! But I am up to changing their moves ;P ;186; Politoed/Paula Role: Weather Set Up, Ferrothorn Counter...
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    Favourite Books?

    I've been stuck to Rick Riordan's 'The Mark of Athena', mostly because the lack of Percabeth in 'The Lost Hero' and 'The Son on Neptune'. Thought the Percy Jackson books were good? Heroes of Olympus blows it outta the water! (You'll get the crappy pun if you read the books!) But now I need the...
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    Re-Ignition! Igniting Cynthia’s Interests!-Part I Cynthia sighed as the young trainer in front of her left the black and white champion’s room. He was the ninth trainer today, and none of them had come close to defeating the Champion. Heck, seven of them couldn’t get past Spiritomb...
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    What would you change?

    I'd change the name of 'Perish Song' to 'Friday', and it'd instantly kill all Pokemon on field. Not faint. K-I-L-L. But seriously, I'd retcon Emolga to evolve from Pachirisu, and the same for Alomomola to evolve from Luvdisc, adjusting stats where needed.
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    Creepiest Things in Pokemon

    Lavender Town is the most nostalgic creepy-thing in Pokemon, but as I started at Gen IV-Game Wise, I've never been in it's creepy version. (Just the HGSS one.) However, this one creeps me out more. It's straight out death. In Pokemon Black and White, there is a ghost on Marvelous...
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    Personal Vendettas against Characters or Pokemon

    I've kinda got a bit of a kill list, but for me it'll always be Maylene. I natuarally assumed in D/P, since I was blindly playing, that because of its sheer amount of blue, Lucario was a Water/Fighting type. Kept owning me, I didn't use my Monferno 'n stuff. I swear she's related to Whitney...
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    Super Smash Bros. 4

    It's been technically announced for Nintendo's newest consoles, the Wii U and 3Ds, and I'm sure most of us are very excited for it! :D So basically: Characters You Want in the Game. Why? Personally, I want Bayonetta in the game as Bayonetta 2's coming and it's a Wii U exclusive. We've had...
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    What's the hardest Pokemon Mainseries Pokemon Game for You?

    Personally, I think that PBR was hard w/ the rental teams. But I lurv that game (Give us a f*cking remake GF!) I mean the rental teams only had second evolved, and the areas after beating the main mode become so hard! What's yours, and the reason why, you can choose out of: Red/Blue...
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    Rate The Character Above!

    Hi guys, I'm gonna hit you with another game! In this game, Rathe the Character Above, the chracter can be anything, form any book or novel! Even a fanfic character! The score is based on the Bio and/or any knowledge you have of the character. If you think it would help add a link to the fanfic...
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    If Your Best Friend Was Hypnotized, What Would You Make Them Do?

    Hey Guys, I've just decided to dive into making my first game! So It's called If Your Best Friend Was Hypnotized, What Would You Make Them Do? (IYBFWH,WWYMTD?) Basically, you post what you'd do of this happened, and rate the person above's post out of 10! SO here's the rules 1...
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    Legends, Memes and Explosions!

    Legends, Memes and Explosions! Chapter 1: The Rainbow Shitting Ho-oh! (May be unsuitable for younger readers) X dashed through a majestic forest, the resident Pokemon looking on in awe. She stopped for a minute, and let her head drop, soon followed by her body. She was drifting into...
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    Pokemon: School Version

    Hey guys! Well this is my first Fanfic, and I've decided to make a Fanfic with a twist: I'll be accepting fan characters! You need to post five things. (Six for a Teacher) Species, Nature, Ability, Four Moves and Birthday (and subject taught for a Teacher: only three allowed for each subject.)...