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    So I've prettymuch got my SS team set: Meganium Lapras Steelix Aerodactyl Entei (later switch to Ho-oh) but I can't decide on a 6th pokemon! The first four are set in stone but I'm thinking maybe scratch Entei/Ho-oh in favor of Houndoom, but that still leaves me with 5 =/ I've...
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    Could a live action Pokemon movie be successful?

    I've thought about this a lot, and if you saw my recently posted idea for a game, it would be easy to understand that I've actually began scripting such a film. I'm not saying I'm the man for the job, but I do think it would be a great idea. It doesn't necessarily have to be live action, or...
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    Um...my team =b

    I am posting the set I used for the Elite 4. I will list "/" between moves that I switch out from time to time. Any comments, please let me know. Zoroark: Quiet @Focus Sash : Night Daze, Shadowball, U-turn, Flamethrower/Focus Blast Dewott: Adamant @Eviolite : Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Return...
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    The Ice Cream Shop

    This shop offers primarily Gen I-IV event pokemon and shinies, all UT unless otherwise noted. I will be adding pokemon bred for IVs, EMs, and DW abilities... and eventually Gen V shinies and events. I have spares of some Gen IV events, and I'm very flexible. However, some of my shinies may be...
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    SouSilver super team

    Please, feel free to suggest or even criticize. I designed the team to be able to combat any type, but my team is not focused on move combos, defensive strategy or held items, mainly just offensive coverage. This has been very effective for me. I was able to beat Red with my highest pkmn being a...