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    360 question

    Just a quick question. If I bought a Hard Drive (I can get a new one for very cheap) could I buy a Live Arcade 360? Then could it play original xbox games and have the same capabilities as a premium?
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    Midi making?

    Is there maybe a program I can make my own midis on? I don't mean covert either. I mean just enter some notes and it'll play in a midi and I could save it in midi. I hade something like this on my cell phone, but idk if it can be done on computer. Anyway I need to make some themes for a video...
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    Mp3 to At3 converter?

    I'am customizing PHP. files and I need to convert a Mp3 to a At3 since At3 is the only file type it supports. Is there a free one anywhere?
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    My newest drawing.

    Well it started with one picture and I just decided to make it my Art Thread! Thank you for any suggestions or comments you have. First Draft (Line art I do this with every picture) My Trainer (colored) Sage (Ronin Warriors) Ike (Fire Emblem) Kirby (which I drew for the mod...
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    All my fusions (that I still have).

    A few of them suck but I rushed on them because of my shop. Well this isn't all the ones I've saved. (Some aren't worth saving just recent.) I have been spriting for a long time so the first two are failures IMO. Also the mew and deoxys sucks all I did was try to recolor it, and the Chimchar...
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    Iron Man the Game

    It's coming out May 2nd. First off Iron Man has been my favorite hero for a hell of a long time. I still play games from Snes with him in it. Anyway that will probably be the only reason I get it. Otherwise I'm sure it would just be another movie game. And the only movie game I have really loved...
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    Another Pikachu Drawing

    Well It's awesome for me. Btw don't comment on what I should do to make it look more like Pikachu. I drew it in my own image in my own style.
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    Star's Sprites

    Just some of my newer sprites. I couldnt really say I took my time on any of them. They were all done for requests so I try to be quick with those. Sword was scratched.Also most of the head Head and light saber were scratched.
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    Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- ***No Spoilers***

    I saw one thread on this, but it was dead. So anyone have (or gonna get it) this game? I got it the day it came out, and haven't stopped playing much since. I love the graphics and the sound. Fighting system is more my style, although I know some people wanted the old system. It's easy to pick...
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    MP4 with Ipods

    I need something that can convert dvds into mp4 format for free. I had handbreak but couldnt get it to work.
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    Another Brawl delay for me! (Weather)

    Yeah where I live theres a blizzard going on. Which meens I'll have to a few more days after this Sunday to get SSB: Brawl. So which leads to my question. Any one else having major snow? Its mostley in the North east United states now.
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    A 100% scratched sprite.

    Here is my page for all my scratched sprites. I will add more and more as I do them. NO ONE is allowed to use these unless they pm me explaining what its for. No one has permission to use these!
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    Wav to Mp3

    Does anyone know a way to convert wav. files to mp3? I had a trial for a converter but it expired, is there any free way?
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    I decided to make the Joker when i was thinking about Ledgers death so... here it is.
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    Jrock , Visual Kei

    Anyone a fan of it? If you are what bands do you like? If not feel free to give your thoughts on it. Visual Kei is a music style all about the emo, goth look that is popular in japan.The sound can vary by the artist , from pop to rock to metal. I'm not a fan of the looks of Visual K really, but...
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    Gears of war > Halo 3

    I played both today for the first time.. I'm sorry to say i wasnt impressed with Halo 3, although it was still a amazing game, just not as good as every says IMO.I was a huge fan of 1 and 2 and have both. Idk I seemed to enjoy Gears of War better. Sorry if you dont agree, i know some will try to...
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    Newest Sprite

    Here are my newest sprites I'll post more.
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    Help with wii

    I have had my wii for a while now and havent tried this yet. I heard you can put songs onto your wii but I have no idea how i should go about doing it. Can some tell me how this can be done, or can it even be done?
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    Can someone please help me? I'am having a Problem with pe2k's sprites. The background behind the sprite turns black once i paste it to paint. I have been getting my sprites here for a long time and it never did this. Can someone please tell me what I'am doing wrong?
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    *stardust's shop* Back for ver. 3.0!!!

    *credit goes to Sharingan for the banner* Total Number Of Requests Done: 85 Workers What can stardust do? My Drawing Examples My Psp Wallpaper Examples What can Sharingan do? What can MorningStar do? What can armless man do? FORMS!!!! Stardust: Open Trainer Cards...