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  1. XY Rules

    Fairy Tail Shippings 2.0

    Well, since the other one is apparently closed, I thought I'd make this. So yeah, you know the deal just list your favorite Shippings and why you like them. For me I like NaWen (I don't care if she's 12, age is but a number, technically 19 anyway) and Cappy. NaWen because they're both...
  2. XY Rules

    Fate/stay night

    So let's discuss the anime Fate/stay night (also the movie Unlimited Blade Work counts as well) But please only discuss if you actually like it or think it's okay. But if you hate it, well you can still discuss just don't be bashing it or just come here to say it sucks. One more thing...
  3. XY Rules

    Favorite Bleach Filler Character(s)

    Okay, there's proably loads of them but by this I mean a prominent filler character but if you can't think of one, by all means pick non-prominent filler character. So I'll start. My favorite is Lurichiyo Kasumioji. One because the only reason she acts like a spoiled brat is because Kenyru...
  4. XY Rules

    Is School Day as bad as everyone says it is?

    Pretty much everytime I see someone talking about it on the web. They say stuff about how horrible it is. And that it messes with your mind. Cause if it does, I really don't wanna watch it. Aso something about a nice boat? What's that supposed to mean?
  5. XY Rules

    DP Ash VS Virgil

    Okay, so say Ash had actually retained all of his skills and used all of his techniques from DP and earlier. He faces off against Virgil, both of them going all out. Who do you think would win and why?
  6. XY Rules

    Dark Stories and How to Go about them

    I'm just curios as to what my fellow writers think i this regard. What do you consider dark? Can a story become too dark? How to make a lighter and softer story, darker and edgier? Also, this applies to more than just Pokemon. I'm talking about dark stories in general.
  7. XY Rules

    Yosuga No Sora

    Summary: Tragically orphaned by an automobile accident, the Kasugano twins travel to their grandparents' countryside residence via railcar, hoping to reconstruct the shards of a shattered life. Two lonely souls so physically alike, yet spiritually divergent, they are unaware of the challenges...
  8. XY Rules

    Sword Art Online

    An anime series about a VMMORPG (Virtual Massive Multiplayer Roleplaying Game) where if you did in the game you die in real life. For the first half it focuses On Kirito and Asuna, and for the second half, Kirito and Leafa.
  9. XY Rules

    How to transition from a crush to love?

    I need help in how I can slowly pace a transition from a character crushing on another character to falling in love with them. For example: Alice starts off of as a kid who has a big brtoher admiration of Sam (not really related) she then begins to start crushing on him after a time-skip...
  10. XY Rules

    Is a Fifth Sequel too much?

    The Fic I am currently writing is supposed to have four sequels are plot connected. But you see the thing is I also would like to make a spinoff focusing on the main character's kid. But is five sequels going too far?
  11. XY Rules

    Who is Ash's Father

    A question everyone's been asking since the beginning of Pokemon. I just would like to hear your opinons about who Ash's father is. We already know he's a trainer on his own journey and it took him a four day's to get to Virdian City. So maybe Ash is close to catching up to him. Also do you...
  12. XY Rules

    Yugioh Top 10 duelists

    What's your opininon of the top 10 duelists in all of the Yugioh series? Please no bashing characters. And/or other people's opinons. Also please list ten chacacters, If you like Bandit Keith fine but at least list nine others since the topic is top 10 duelists, not just who you think is number...
  13. XY Rules

    ClemontxBonnie (Spoiler Warning)

    Go ahead and get your ew's and squicks out of the way now. Anyway I made this thread because this is pretty mich the only combination of XY companions without one, so I figured why not? (other than the obvious of course) But if you think about it they seem to be pretty close, they dont' bicker...
  14. XY Rules

    Who was the better rival for Ash? Gary or Paul?

    I think both of them were good rivals for him to have. But Paul really seem to push him to his limits an questioned Ash's sense of morals. This caused Ash to work harder than ever before especially after his first loss to Paul. So what do you guys think? Also a side question, Gary vs. Paul...
  15. XY Rules

    Forbidden Book

    Summary: A Jr. High School boy ends up inside a cursed book full of unusual creatures. Will he be able to escape before its too late. Author's Note: I know the first chapter is pretty fast paced butnit gets better, so please just bear with me. Chapter 1: Yamagata Satoshi Yamagata...
  16. XY Rules

    Our Link Hearts

    Hey guys this is an orginal story by my friend Kuki. If you like action/romance anime and manga I"m sure you'll love this. Here's the summary: Supernaturals are people born with abilities that separate them from humans. Each Supernaturals are born with no heart or half a heart. From birth they...
  17. XY Rules

    Dawn Versus May

    Okay, so who would you want to win if the series was close to ending and Dawn and May were both in the finals in a huge Grand Festival or something. Would you wnat them to tie or would a tie be too anti-climatic. I'm asking this because its part of my fanfiction and I got my idea for it from you...
  18. XY Rules

    XY Kalos League

    How far do you think Ash will make it in this league? From the first two epsiodes that aired, he gave the impression that he really wants to win this time. And he showed a lot of improvement from the last series early on. So I'd say probably top 2.