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  1. EmberFireTrainer

    What do you think of the Team Rocket trio's friendship?

    The friendship and close bond that Jessie, James, and Meowth have has always been my favorite friendship. It seems that their friendship has developed relatively well throughout the series. Their friendship has been put to the ultimate test numerous times (ex. Episode: Noodles Roaming Off)...
  2. EmberFireTrainer

    Weirdest Pokémon Episode

    What are some episodes throughout the Pokémon anime that you found were some of the weirdest? Like maybe something out of the Twilight Zone but with Pokémon lol. For me it's the two episodes in which Ash battles Sabrina the Psychic Pokémon gym leader - especially the part in which Sabrina...
  3. EmberFireTrainer

    What if people in Pokémon anime had social media?

    Social media has such a huge impact and I'd imagine if it existed in Pokemon, it would be significantly popular and impactful as well. So I thought, what if the characters from the Pokémon anime had social media? What would their posts be like? What sort of things would they post? Who would post...
  4. EmberFireTrainer

    Did you like Gary Oak as a rival or Pokémon researcher?

    Currently watching Indigo League got me thinking of a random / opinionated question: Did you like Gary Oak as a Pokémon trainer / rival to Ash or as a Pokémon researcher? It's kind of a hard decision for me. I liked him in both regards. If I had to choose, I would say as a trainer and rival to...
  5. EmberFireTrainer

    What is your dream job?

    My dream job is to be a social science researcher or the very least a research assistant. I love learning and studying about society and how it has changed over time. There are also many interesting theories about how societies function such as conflict theory. I am actually studying Sociology...
  6. EmberFireTrainer

    How do you celebrate Halloween?

    I'm excited and ready for Halloween - one of my favorite holidays! If you celebrate, what are your plans for Halloween? Or if these plans seem questionable because of all that's going on with Covid and cancellations and all that, then how do you usually celebrate Halloween? I usually...
  7. EmberFireTrainer

    What areas of your social life are important to you

    What are the areas of your social life that are really important to you? By that I mean the social groups like family, friends, church, school, work, etc. I would say for me, family, school, and friends are the ones that are important to me. Family because it is probably my strongest social...
  8. EmberFireTrainer

    What would you research if you were a Pokémon Researcher?

    If you were a Pokémon Researcher, what aspect of Pokémon would you be interested in researching?
  9. EmberFireTrainer

    What do you think of Ash and Gary's friendship

    One friendship that I have always found to be a bit peculiar or at least interesting is the friendship of Ash and Gary. I find it to be a rather interesting and perhaps complex friendship as they were far from friends during much of the original series particularly in Kanto. One thing that's...
  10. EmberFireTrainer

    Which characters would you like to see meet each other?

    The Pokémon anime has already featured times in which a character from one series has met another character from another series. Some include: Misty meeting May and Max Dawn meeting May Dawn meeting Gary Ash's classmates in Sun and Moon meeting both Brock and Misty Which characters from the...
  11. EmberFireTrainer

    Could you see Gary taking over his grandfather's lab someday?

    As the grandson of Professor Oak and an aspiring Pokemon researcher post Johto, could you see Gary taking over his grandfather's lab someday? Just a random hypothetical thought I've had that I could see happening to conclude Gary's character I guess but of course most likely never shown in the...
  12. EmberFireTrainer

    Least favorite character that became your top favorite

    Are there any Pokémon characters that maybe you didn't really like whatsoever from the start but actually became one of your favorite characters later on? Maybe it was their character development or maybe their character just grew on you over time, or this character wasn't really all that bad...
  13. EmberFireTrainer

    Blue or Gary

    Who do you prefer / like better: Blue or his anime counterpart Gary? For me, its Gary (but Blue's pretty cool too!) just because I mainly just watch the anime plus I really liked his character change from Kanto to Johto.
  14. EmberFireTrainer

    Who do you think has had the best character development?

    Which character(s) do you think has had the best character development throughout the series? I know there's a slew more, but the ones that immediately come to mind are the Team Rocket trio and Gary Oak. The Team Rocket trio because it definitely seems their friendship has gotten stronger...
  15. EmberFireTrainer

    Which character(s) do you think deserve their own spinoff series?

    Ash is obviously the main character / protagonist in the Pokémon anime. That being said, could any of the other characters be able to pull off their own series? Which characters in the Pokémon anime could you see or would like to see having their own spinoff series / mini series or at the least...