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  1. Zero1999

    Ash vs Tobias, what went wrong?

    Lately i watched again the episode of Ash battling Tobias after many years, the topic itself might feel like a broken recorder from time to time, however i wanna ask people about their opinion about this battle from when this first aired to this day and what do you guys consider went wrong in...
  2. Zero1999

    Orre Colosseum pokemon help

    Pardon me if its the wrong section. For quite a while i've been thinking of tackling the Orre Colosseum to unlock the Lucky Egg side-quest and been having a hard time to choose pokemon fit for the challenge especially the first round, and was wondering which pokemon are good candidates for the...
  3. Zero1999

    Your thoughts in regards to US-UM?

    So I'm not sure if this is the correct place to make this thread,if so make me know. Onto the topic: So,we know that US-UM games are going to be out in 2 months,recently I've seen many people excited about the game,but I have some problems with these new games that I had ever since they...
  4. Zero1999

    Shiny Pokemon in XD

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Forums, today i am going to talk about Shiny Pokemon in XD, as you know Shadow Pokemon can't be shiny, but pokespot pokemon can, and i am going to tell you a story. On November, i was playing XD, and i put poke snack in the Rock Poke spot, later on , my radar...