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    Pokemon emerald battle frontier team.

    I don't think you need both Metagross and Registeel. They're not a whole lot different, you need diversity. If you decide to ditch Metagross, make sure to max Registeel's hp EVs. If you decide to ditch Registeel, don't give Metagross Psychic. And give him Choice Band instead of Shell...
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    Team Update

    For starters you need to cut three Pokemon since it's 3v3 in the BF.
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    My Planned BF Team!

    You might as well go with max hp and def for both of them. I'm not sure why you replaced Toxic with Aromatherapy, which you absolutely do not need.
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    My Planned BF Team!

    The problem is that this is not a proper counter to physical threats. What do you do if you run into Metagross? Or Rhydon? Or Aggron? It simply doesn't have the tools to beat them. Toxic is a decent option, but it won't help against steel types. Curse would be good, so would Counter, but you...
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    My Planned BF Team!

    Don't. Your Blissey actually looks good. Laying down Spikes is more useful in long battles; it's almost always a waste of time in 3v3. I'd go for a more defensive set if I were you, the Skarmory above will neither dish out nor take much damage. Chesto Berry + Rest would be a good start.
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    My Planned BF Team!

    You could make Skarmory hold a Chesto Berry instead of Lefties, but I'm still not sure Skarmory is worth using in the Battle Frontier. There are a ton of mixed sweepers who'll probably chew right through its mediocre special defense and hp. In 3v3 each of your Pokemon needs to be versatile, and...
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    My Planned BF Team!

    That's not the game being smart, that's the law of probablity at work. I agree that Blissey and T-tar do not belong on the same team, but for a different reason: Sand Stream screws with Blissey's health recovery. Losing ~40 hp every turn is a pretty big deal. Team synergy is much more...
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    My Planned BF Team!

    You can't have three Leftovers on the same team; there's an item clause.
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    RMT: Battle Tower (L50)

    Surf does enough damage. Unless there is a specific Pokemon you need to KO in less hits, you have no reason to go with HP.
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    RMT: Battle Tower (L50)

    Any particular reason Starmie is running HP instead of Surf? Hydro Pump is so unsafe.
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    Best Evil Organization

    Are team Aqua and team Magma actually evil?
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    Rate My Nuzlocke Sapphire Team.

    I've never taken the Nuzlocke challenge myself, but I hope my advice will be somewhat useful... Pelipper's pretty bad. I wouldn't waste a good TM on it. Like Aerial Ace... =/ --- Electrode on a Nuzlocke team feels kind of iffy. It will neither sweep nor tank - it has no purpose. And I don't...
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    Current Emerald In-Game Team

    Why? =S Your team looks ok to me. You probably won't beat the E4 on your first try, but there's not much you can do about that now.
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    which team to go for

    Do you plan on using a different team once you get to the E4?
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    The Worst Pokemon Ever (Besides Magikarp)

    There is literally not a single move in Pokemon that is better.
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    The Worst Pokemon Ever (Besides Magikarp)

    I really hate Glameow. It manages to look both really bland and way too detailed. I also hate the two skunk Pokemon who make farting noises. Who thought that would be funny? And all baby Pokemon. They're useless.
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    Lack of Day/Night Cycle: Opinions?

    I actually like that the 3rd gen doesn't have a day/night cycle. In D/P it starts to get dark at 5 pm - that's way too early. I want as many daylight hours as possible.
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    Rate my emerald team plz

    Sealo (Walrein) would be good. STAB Ice attacks will help against Drake, but its Ice-typing also makes Walrein less sturdy. Tentacruel's another great option. Tentacruel @ Leftovers/Something - Surf - Ice Beam/Protect/Sludge Bomb - Sludge Bomb/Toxic - Barrier It has less HP and its Ice Beam...
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    Best Champion?

    I like Blue the most. That battle is personal. I'm surprised people like Cynthia so much, along with Steven she is the most boring and unoriginal of them all.
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    Rate my emerald team plz

    Adding a bulky water with Ice Beam + Toxic wouldn't be a bad idea. That combo is effective against the two strongest members of the E4 - Drake and Wallace. It's also effective against the True Champion.