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  1. crobatman

    Walking Dead Season 4 and Spin-off series?!?

    Not only is Season 4 of The Walking Dead exciting, but their world will be expanding with a spin-off too. http://www.newsarama.com/18945-the-walking-dead-spin-off-series-announced-all-new-characters.html Also, Robert Kirkman says season 4 will be the best of the TV series so far...
  2. crobatman

    The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    I am very excited for this show. I am a bigger Marvel fan than I am of Pokemon. Seeing the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the small screen will be great! Plus, they tie in with the movies. Joss Whedon is a great director! Coulson Lives!!! Who else is planning to watch this next Tuesday...
  3. crobatman

    Whitesmoke Search Conduit - How do I get rid of it?

    So, I was taking an online Biostatistics class, and one of my study tips was to view a website: http://biostat.mc.vanderbilt.edu/wiki/Main/PowerSampleSize While doing my Chapter Problems, I thought the statistics program it had for Power and Sample Size Calculation would be a benefit. When...
  4. crobatman

    Dino D-day

    has anyone seen the trailer for this video game? It is fighting dinosaurs during WW2!? Hitler using dinosaurs? How could someone come up with this idea?
  5. crobatman

    Satoshi Tajiri, the quiet, complex man

    I was surfing the web, and I came across this interview from 1999 with the creator of pokemon: http://www.time.com/time/asia/magazine/99/1122/pokemon6.fullinterview1.html It was interesting, so I decided to share it with others. Are there any other interviews with him? I like the part where...
  6. crobatman

    Sharpedo vs. Crawdaunt!

    I have had this problem before with same types. Which one is the better battler? I think Crawdaunt is more defensive, and Sharpedo is faster.
  7. crobatman

    Have you been in a struggle fight?

    I just fought the eighth gym leader on emerald, and i had a few hyper potions and revives. He kept beating with his Kingdra whose moveset is Rest, Double Team, Ice Beam, and Water Pulse. My Sableye beat it, but I had to force Kingdra to struggle. What are your stories with struggle? Also...
  8. crobatman

    What if Ash was a Gym Leader?

    If Ash became a gym leader one day, what type of gym would he have? I think he would have an all type gym, but what if he used only one type of pokemon? Which type would it be? How would the show turn out if the main character was a gym leader?
  9. crobatman

    Does the world need more Atheist?

    I thought of making this thread after reading an article by a pastor I know from Florida. This is where I read it: http://www.raymcalister.com/Atheists.html So what do you think? Does the world need atheist? What good have they contributed to society? Can they even decide what is good?
  10. crobatman

    Happy Darwin Day!!!

    Yes, today is Darwin Day. Feruary 12, 2009 is the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, and the 150th anniverary of his book On the Origin of Species. My school is having something to celebrate his birthday, and I can go for extra credit in my Organic Chemistry class. It feels wierd to...
  11. crobatman

    Superhero/villian Smackdown!

    In this game, we will basically choose some superheroes or villains known throughout the universes and see who would win in a fight. So, we will put two of them in an indestructable planet sized arena and let them fight. You vote who should win, but it only counts if you give a reason how they...
  12. crobatman

    Kenya the Spearow

    Do you remember the spearow you had to use with the mail attached to it? I was wondering if any of you stole that spearow just because you were able to. I once thought it was stronger than other spearows, so I made it part of my team. I think that spearow and that shuckle from that one guy...
  13. crobatman

    Skuntank vs. Drapion

    So, I am doing an all poison team on my Diamond version and I can't decide which one of the pokemon above is better. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of them? Who wins more battles? Edit: I hope this is the right place to ask.
  14. crobatman

    Red Ring of Death

    Hi, my XBOX 360 has those dreaded thre red lights flashing. What can I do about it? Is there a good guide on the internet. My brother has been looking on youtube, and is ready to take it apart. I am trying to be cautious about it.
  15. crobatman

    Pokemon/Superhero Crossover

    I am going to try a story and you guys vote on the outcome. My username is crobatman, so my character will be a sleeping zubat by day, and Darkwing by night! Deep in the forest of Viridian lives many pokemon. There are the good, and there is the bad, and then there are the ugly. Our story...
  16. crobatman

    What is the point of Phione?

    I think Phione is as useless as azurill is in the games. How do you think Phione could be introduced in the anime or movies? Would it even be worthy of a filler episode? If it gets an episode, maybe there is one where Team Galactic, Rocket or Hunter J are looking for a manaphy and in stead...
  17. crobatman

    The Many Adventures of Uber Caterpie

    Well, this idea is from my bishie and octoboy's vampiric skeletal ghost uber mr. mime caterpie. We are going to help Caterpie save the day by making a story, and giving the np a chance to tell what happens next. You must make at least 4 sentences that make some sense to the story. To...
  18. crobatman

    Random Scramble

    I am doing a scramble challenge for Diamond now, and so far I just got the seventh badge. here is my team: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=8002661&postcount=3415 They are all around level 40, and pikachu is my weakest for now. I still have to evolve my pikachu and clefairy. Any...
  19. crobatman

    Marvel Comics Fans

    If there are any 'true believers' out there, then this is the place for you. This is where we can discuss our favorite superheroes and characters from the Marvel universe including the movies, television shows, and of course the comics. Rules are simple. 1. follow all SPPF forum rules. 2...
  20. crobatman

    I voted in the Primaries.

    I voted in the primary elections in Georgia. I was wondering if one should vote for who they like or vote for the popular choice. I am a republican, and I voted for Ron Paul, but I knew Huckabee and Mcain would be the most liked candidates. So, is it a wasted vote that I voted for the least...