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    i think i know what gastly are

    i think they are made up of souls from dead people who didn't go to heaven and lost theyre memories
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    Do you think Olivia munn is hot?

    Olivia munn from attack of the show on g4. ill put a poll
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    Hi There!

    Hey there just wanna talk.
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    pmd games help thread

    i need help please rescue and pm when you do. 2JK571 YY0K=J C70MR @T5&P7 2H#=-J MMHM35 N@%Q+H 866C3@ F-48RP
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    rate my team i'm making.

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    Pokemon mystery dungeon 3 help?

    If this in wrong thread please move admins i just wanna be rescued password to rescue thing 2JK571 YY0K=J C7J0MR @T5&P7 2H#=-J MMHM35 N@%Q+H 866C3@ F-48RP
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    where can i find help on heartgold?

    i need help on my HG game i dunno if theres a thing for it if this is in wrong thread close it or move it admins.
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    Free hugs?

    I was wondering who else gives out free hugs? O_O To admins: if this isn't in the right place please move this thread or close it
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    Should i kill myself?

    Who here thinks i should kill myself?
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    vids i made not sure where to put this

    these are random pokemon vids i made not surre where to put it [LINKS REMOVED]
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    I'm a furry anyone wanna talk?
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    Question about mods?

    anybody know if the mods will be my freinds? sorry if this is spam!
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    ranger 2 questions and answers!

    Hello who else has completed the browser fully except for event missions dialga palkia and shaymin besides me?