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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    On Tornadus's page, you put Thundurus-Therian's moveset instead of Tornadus-Therian's moveset. Same thing on Thundurus's page with Landorus-Therian's moveset instead of Thundurus-Therian's, and on Landorus's page with Landorus-Therian's moveset being replaced with a different on (I think it's...
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    The Official FR/LG Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

    Okay, so far, I'm all the way at One Island, and going to Mt. Ember to catch Moltres. It started off as a Nuzlocke, but I eventually got bored with it around Fuchsia City, so now it's just a regular playthrough. Just beat Blaine, mostly using my Graveler, my Nidoking, and my Vaporeon. Kidney...
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    Horrible Luck in Pokemon

    Okay, so I'm playing Pokemon Firered the other day, and I'm trying to find a Dragonair in the Safari Zone. You know what I fish up? SHINY DRATINI. So, of course, I'm obsessing over it, as it was the first shiny I've seen since that Shinx in Platinum, and guess what? IT RUNS AWAY. Isn't that...
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    SPPF's Claim-A-Bishie thread

    Soul Eater Maka Albarn belongs to The Guy
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    The New Alternate Creepypasta Thread

    Has anyone read the NES Godzilla Creepypasta yet? It's awesome. Link: http://nesgodzillacreepypasta.blog.com/category/chap1/ Won't spoil it, but it made me lose a bit of sleep, which never happened to me before, even with the Slender Man Mythos.
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    Corrupted Wish Game 3.0

    Granted, the world is so peaceful that aliens attack, but we can't fight them off. I wish all 3DS games came out at once.
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    Imitate that Pokemon cry!

    OO-EE-OO! Arceus.
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    Please help a Newbie: Trade pokemon not in the nation dex?

    You can go on the GTS after you get the Coal Badge, but you can only trade for Pokemon you've seen. Although if you have another Gen. IV game (Diamond, Pearl, etc.), you can get Nidorino in Platinum if you trade.
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    Corrupted Wish Game 3.0

    Granted, but now you have no one to compete with, so you find life meaningless and eventually commit suicide. I wish Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter didn't have such a downer ending.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I've lost to Kyurem.
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    Corrupted Wish Game 3.0

    Granted, but it's an incredibly ugly clone of me. I wish Ace Attorney Investigations 2 will get released in the US.
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    Pokemon Game Features You Miss/Would Hate To Be Taken Out

    Am I the only person who misses the "Size" option in the Pokedex? You know, the one where you compare a Pokemon's size to your player character's size. Oh, and I miss the Vs. Seeker, also.
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    Trainer Red > All Other Protagonist Trainers?

    Red stopped Team Rocket temporarily. Yay. Gold/Cris/Lyra stopped Team Rocket permanently and captured Lugia, Ho-Oh, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo. Brenden/May stopped Team Magma and Aqua from completely destroying the world and captured Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Latias, Latios...
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    Is Ash Getting Too Capture Happy?

    I think it's good that Ash is "capture-happy," as it reflects the games where you're capture-happy.
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    Count to 60 Before Somebody With Under 20 Posts Comes

    2 is a number.
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    Caption the Profile Picture Above You

    Gangsta scrafteh
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    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.

    The color of an orange. How do I shot web?
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    Use a Pokémon Move on the NP!

    I stare for a moment, and slap you in the face for stupidity. I use Fissure on the NP.
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    What are you currently reading?

    I'm reading the tenth A Series of Unfortunate Events book, The Slippery Slope.
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    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    New Move: Iron Slice Atk: 90 Acc: 100 The user attacks the foe with a metallic, swordlike appendage. PKMN: Skarmory, Cobalion, Gallade, Steelix Stone Sword: Atk: 90 Acc: 100 The user attacks with a rocky, bladelike appendage. PKMN: Gallade, Terrakion, Onix, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Rhyperior