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    Human Pokémon Cards

    Human Pokémon Cards Welcome to the topic about Pokémon TCG: The Human Expansion! The images are too big to put here, so I'll post a direct link to two Human Cards instead: https://scontent-a-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/488010_703427876335635_1739177142_n.png...
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    A(nother) Sandstorm Team

    I'm quite new to competitive gameplay. I EV-trained some of my favorite Pokémon, for example Arbok, Porygon-Z and Exeggutor. Oh, and Magnezone, iirc. But that's all. Now I created a Sandstorm Team and I'm sure it is vulnerable to some Pokémon, especially Infernape. Well, that's my thought, as...
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    I'm back

    Well, I wasn't on for a year actually. But now, I'm finally back. I was busy and I forgot about Serebii. But I hope to get active (again) now. Ehm, hi everybody?
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    Skuntank & Purugly

    Which do you prefer, Skuntank or Purugly? Purugly is the one from Pearl and Skuntank only obtainable in Diamond. (Currently testing which game is more prefered qua Pokémon in the game)
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    Venomoth & Exploud

    Really, I found no place to put this, but I guess the best thing is to put this here. Anyone knows a good moveset for Venomoth and / or Exploud? I really need them, thanks! :D
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    Everstone Breeding: In D/P or not?

    Just one simple question, and I just want ONE simple answer from the one who IS 100% SURE OF IT. Is there still Everstone Nature Breeding in Diamond and Pearl? I already tried it, but after ten Exeggcutes still no good nature. So I'm asking this to be sure.
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    Serebiiforums' Most Favorite Cry ~~!

    Here you can post your most favorite cry and I'll put them in the top 15 below. What's the most popular cry from Serebiiforums? You can't vote anymore! Voting's closed, it's 14/07/07! CLICK ON THE POKÉMON IN THE TOP 15 BELOW TO GO TO HIS DEXPAGE ON GEMMINE TO HEAR IT'S CRY!! We have 5...
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    Evolving in MD2

    How are you able to evolve Magneton, Nosepass, Eevee in Leafeon or Eevee in Glaceon?
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    ~~First Try.

    I saw everybody in the Fan Art Forums drawing cool things, and I was trying that today, too. (Lol I made my text color black since it's hard to read for some people) Well, I tried it with paint, IT'S MY FIRST TIME so please don't flame me :/ (sp?) I started with a simple one, Drifloon...
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    Pokémon Farmers

    Pokémon Farmers Why can Pokémon farmers have more than 6 Pokémon?
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    Drifblim & Drifloon

    OK, don't want to make fun of it. Just want to talk about it.. What if a Drifblim or a Drifloon, the balloon itself, will ''pop''? Eergh. It happened to Team Rocket's balloon many times. 1. The reason 'it can't be touched by Slash because it's a ghost' is true but it still can be...
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    Battle Frontier

    I just have a fast question; when does the 'real' battle frontier starts? Because the first episodes like 'Numero Uno Articuno' and 'A Real Cleffa-Hanger' are still 'Advanced Battle,' they're still having the same intro etc. Somebody who knows?
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    Somebody can give me a final touch?

    OK, this is my team for now. Rate it please, if there are things you don't like tell me. This is the last time, since my team is complete after this. ;389; Torterra @ Leftovers Adamant Nature Overgrow Ability - Wood Hammer : Seed Bomb - Stone Edge - Earthquake - Swords Dance ;024...
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    Still need help.

    OK, I still need help about all the natures. Also some attacks are missing and some hold items. And you can also replace items/attacks/natures/abilities. Please help me :D Torterra @ Leftovers Overgrow Earthquake Crunch Leech Seed Wood Hammer Steelix @ Leftovers Sturdy Earthquake...
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    The most points you ever had in Pokémon Ranger with a Field Capture Challenge?

    The most points you ever had in Pokémon Ranger with a Field Capture Challenge? Like the title says, what's your highscore in the Field Capture Challenge? Till now, mine's only 6600 :/
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    ~: Arbok's Little Re-opened Request Shop :~

    ~: Arbok's Little Re-opened Request Shop :~ *Best shop from whole forum* =) Welcome at this little re-opened shop. The only thing I'm doing at the moment are Team Banners and Trainer Cards, my best things I can do. I just started a LITTLE new shop because I'm very busy, but I can handle this...
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    Pokémon Ranger worth Buying?

    Pokémon Ranger worth Buying? Now, what do you think? Is Pokémon Ranger worth buying? It just released today here in Holland -_-.
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    I just saw an episode on the tv from Pokémon, but the Hoppip where pink colored instead of red. What's the real color, you think?
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    The 'I Heard That...' Game!

    This is the 'I heard That..' Game! The 'I heard That..' Game from this week is: 'I heard That the Wii...' Now complete the sentence! Like: 'I heard that the Wii is white!' or something /:3 Every week, there's a new 'I heard That..' Game. This week: 'I heard that the Playstation 3...'
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    Emerald Match Call

    OK, I'm just wondering, how many people can you get in your match call? I'm currently having 80, are there more to get?