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  1. Blue Snover

    A wild Shiny Snover appeared

    No you're not dreaming. It's the one and only Blue Snover. Since i've been gone so long i'm technically a newbie again (oh the shame) But i'm back and hopefully i'll get to know some of you. I can't actually remember why i was gone so long :s
  2. Blue Snover

    Big Brother

    This is a thread where you can discuss the final ever big brother and what you think of the new layout of the house and your opinions on the new housemates. I personally was not impressed with some of the housemates, i think they scraped the barrel this year. Discuss.
  3. Blue Snover

    WARNING!!!! Internet scam.

    I thought i'd post this to warn everyone, because i'm not sure if it just affects the UK. My brother got a call yesterday from a guy who said he was from Windows. He told my brother that Windows was having problems, even though he hadn't experienced anything. He told him that files in...
  4. Blue Snover

    Seaside resorts, a thing of the past?

    I was recently at a seaside resort that i used to visit as a kid and it was like a ghost town, by seaside resort i mean places like Blackpool, Rhyl and Morecambe. Most of the shops and amusement arcades had closed down and quite a few hotels were up for sale. I wondered if it was due to...
  5. Blue Snover

    The SPPF Horror Film Quiz

    The SPPF Horror Film Quiz Hiya Everyone. I've been thinking about making a game for a while, and then it hit me make a horror film quiz Snove, it's something i know quite a bit about, because i've seen more horror films that i can count. Owner - Blue Snover Co-Owner - Shadow...
  6. Blue Snover

    Claim a Movie/TV Show Thread

    Claim a movie thread [version 1.0] Staff members Blue Snover treespyro Barbarooza Pamizard Rules Use the form, otherwise your claim will be ignored. Be patient, i will try and update as quick as i can and please don't add it to your sig unless Pamizard, treespyro, Barbarooza...
  7. Blue Snover

    SouthPark & Family Guy Fan Club

    This club has been approved by Tiffany Hey everyone, and welcome to SouthPark & Family Guy Fan Club! This is the first of its kind as far as i'm aware, and i know that there are quite a few SouthPark & Family Guy Fan in these Forums, This is the first club i've ever made, so i hope it goes...