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    Advanced Crystal Deck

    YGO Advanced - Crystal Deck I don't play competitively, due to living in a non - Yugioh tourney area. I play the game with my friends and I have always wanted to join a tourney. If I was ever to go to one, how would this deck stack up: Dual Rainbow Deck Monsters: 2x Rainbow Dragon 2x...
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    The Dragon's Dynasty: Clan+Shop, Recruiting Now!

    NOW LOOKING FOR CLAN MEMBERS. COME ONE COME ALL! History "There have always been Dragons among us... They have been there, watching us... Waiting for us... tales have always been told of these mythical creatures, leading to todays culture in which Dragons are the creatures of legend and...
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    Rate My Team

    Okay. I have been helping with ratings around here and now heres one from me for you lot to help with. My team is based around a Sandstorm team and normally has a few Ground mons in it. I have posted them in order of where they go in my team. Lucario@Choice Specs Steadfast - can catch...