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  1. Toxic Nightshade

    The Dream World

    Noctournium: The Dream World Hi everybody, welcome to The Dream World. This idea has been in my mind for countless months and it was quite agonizing for me to actually execute this project, but I finally got the basis up and running. There will be instances of violence along with...
  2. Toxic Nightshade

    Eternal Masquerade [PG-13]

    Eternal Masquerade So this is one my first fan-fiction which is about a not-so typical journey in Unova with some really different people. Hopefully you guys will like it, and seeing as though this is my first, it might not be the best. Just a little note. I rated this PG-13 because of slight...
  3. Toxic Nightshade

    The Bell (FerrisWheelShipping, Oneshot)

    Rating: PG (some death reference.) Fandom: Pokemon Pairing: FerrisWheelShipping - White X N Notes: There will be a brief mention of events that happen in Black 2 and White 2, so I suggest not reading this story if you do not want major things spoiled. Also i'm not quite sure if this is a drabble...
  4. Toxic Nightshade

    Archeops or Aerodactyl?

    The eternal question. archeops or aerodactyl?