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    Favourite Pokes?

    Lots of people have played these games, and have loads of team members that they use or have used. There were those that really stood out for being pure powerhouses and others that would always be defeated when it wasn't meant to. Who were your favourites? How did you use them, what moves do...
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    *Generic title*

    Right, I'm doing a second thread to do with the second version. I've got Black 2 and got the challenge key for it, now I want to save up for White 2 to actually use it. I've seen the gyms and E4, and they really don't look that difficult, it's only a few levels and sometimes another pokemon...
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    Pokemon Black version 1.

    Hello everybody is currently look at this very sentence! If you have kept reading, I need you to assist me. I'm going to attempt a challenge in Black where I only use pokes that are considered "babies" and have not evolved. At all. This was an idea I had, and thought it would be tough, but I...
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    Hitting like a singles Champ?

    Hey guys, I'm making up a team, it's more HO without HO if you get it? Basically I'm hitting hard to defeat everything no gimmicks or anything. I've come up with 4 pokes I would love to use, and I want to know about them. Preview @ ? 4hp | 252speed | 252 attack Moxie...
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    Squirrels attacking cars?

    Hey everybody, I've been here for a while, and the FAQ doesn't help... how do you cross out a word when typing like people will do with focus miss blast?
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    Friendly fighting.

    Hey guys, I'm going to do a team to fight my friend with soon, just want to get a decent team, nothing fancy because he isn't really good.. It's going to have a degree to it, and I do need to breed some, but other than that anything can change, as long as it's in reason. No So this is going...
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    Friendly warfare

    Hey guys, I'm going to do a team to fight my friend with soon, just want to get a decent team, nothing fancy because he isn't really good.. It's going to have a degree to it, and I do need to breed some, but other than that anything can change, as long as it's in reason. No So this is...
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    Dragon fable

    Anybody here play dragonfable that has any tips on money, or a good trainer place that doesn't need a quiz thing to do...
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    My subway attempts....

    Hey I wanted to try out the super single battle subway as want to be on record hall. Got to 56 with random pokes but the Walrein with rest sleep talk fissure sheer cold is evil on a rain team >:( Any changes are in bold... Anyway here's my team of sand abuse that I want to try...
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    Shiny hut

    hey there, I'm going to start a shop, but don't expect much, as I don't understand cloning, RNG, or how to get flawless.Anyway this is my shiny hut. WELCOME My friend code; 3611 3351 1490 Rules: 1) all SPPF rules 2) no hacks please, mine are not hacked, so I would kindly ask you not to...
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    CRMT pokemon pic. help

    Hey fellow serebiier's, a question for the RMT (rate my team). The pictures people put up, with the moving sprites of in-battle pokemon, how and where do people get them? Becuase I want to make a proper 1st CRMT and want it to look good. On a side note, how do you do the spoiler thing, as I...
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    My first Wi-fi team.

    Hello, this will be my first battle online or against somebody else, and it's a clan member I have to beat to get in, so I made a team after viewing, and watching many other teams, wish me luck ( sorry about the pokes being small, don't know how to get the pic moving pics) ;472; Gliscor @...
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    Soul silver restart

    Hello, I'm going to be resetting my soulsilver for the 7th time for a train and I'm going to go absurd on my team, I'm not going to breed for bellyzard adamant btw. Charizard: Adamant Dragon claw Flare blitz/ fire fang Aerial ace Roost/ shadow claw Got from oak first try and...
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    Letter question

    Hey there, I do comment a bit but I have a question about the pictures of envelopes, what are they? I know the one witha hole in it is you have a post in it but whats the red one and the others? I know the lock symbol is locked. Thank you.
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    My new soulsilver team.

    Hello, I have reset my pokemon soulsilver after trading major pokemon over and I am near on close enough to the elite four( victory road).My team I will show will only be after the champion and I have access to every TM but PLEASE NO TELLING ME ABOUT EV'S. Togekiss - Hasty - I WILL NOT...
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    My newbish team

    So far this is my team, rubbish, I know, I will not change natures though so deal with it.(lol) Swampert - Adamant Earthquake Waterfall Curse Ice punch Well with over 200 attack and 88 speed at 61 his will be beast. Gallade - Careful Close combat Psycho cut Stone edge...
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    The game hate's me?

    I have been resetting my Emerald all day now and still no female Mudkip.I need female for curse why does this game hate me? =[ Have you ever had any hate you moments?
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    what the heck?

    Okay for my Swampert that I love,everyone says to have curse on it,so I looked up how to learn it,I have to breed a swampert and bibarel with curse and hope for a mudkip male,Is there anyway to guarantee a mudkip every time?
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    my newbish team

    the first pokemon i say i got info for it before but I want it with an electivire but you know a ground will own them both i guess..... Raikou(sparky) modest thunderbolt substitute shadow ball calm mind Gallade careful close combat psycho cut stone edge drain punch Weavile...
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    one single task

    Hey!I am currently in the process of restarting my soul silver,i will trade my good pokemon and items over to another game and get them back when i can use them.I don't want to use soo much time so I'm going to solo the gym leaders..... What do you think what started can do it?As i progress...